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Maternity activewear workout clothes

Best maternity workout clothes to stay fashionably fit

For many of us, being physically active is a core part of our identity, much like our personal style. Whatever you’re into fitness-wise, there are plenty of ways to stay active, stylish and comfortable while pregnant that help maintain your physical and mental wellbeing. The surge in popularity of athletic wear in recent years has resulted us having so much more to choose from when it comes to the best maternity workout clothes, too. This article is co-authored by Kari Deane, personal trainer and owner of The MVMT Studio in Melbourne, Australia, who shares her pregnancy fitness advice, tips for staying motivated and recommendations for top maternity workout brands that offer comfort, style and performance during your workouts.

Where to buy maternity workout clothes?

mama style pregnant woman workingout hiking in maternity workwear nature scaled jpg

Here are our go-to places to buy maternity workout clothes that we absolutely love:

  • Lululemon – Worldwide hit activewear label Lululemonoffers a range of stunning workout and lifestyle clothing. Their Align pants are well known in the maternity community for their fabulous fit and material. 
  • H&M – Affordable and stylish, H&M’s maternity activewear line includes leggings, tops, and sports bras designed for comfort and support during pregnancy at a fabulous price point.   
  • Seraphine – Seraphine’s maternity activewear line includes leggings, tops, and sports bras designed to provide both comfort, support and style.
  • Nike – The iconic athletic brand has recently added a range of maternity workout clothes, including leggings, tops, and sports bras designed to support pregnant bodies on the move. 
  • Revolve – This popular online retailer offers a range of maternity activewear from a variety of brands including Beyond Yoga, Prism2 and more upmarket, higher priced designer brands. 
  • Motherhood – A go-to online store for all things maternity, Motherhood offers a range of maternity workout clothes, including stylish and simple leggings, tops, and sports bras designed to support pregnant bellies.
  • Athleta from GAP: We also love these breezy relaxed activewear and loungewear options from Gap’s Athleta brand will keep you covered to and from the gym or on a windy walk. Their muscle tanks and v-neck sweatshirts are relaxed and versatile, perfect for wearing to and from the gym or for a walk on a windy day
  • Alo Yoga: Not a specific maternity brand but plenty of beautiful clothing you can definitely make yours during pregnancy and beyond.
  • Boody: I love their breathable bamboo fabric!
  • Lorna Jane: Their pieces are minimalist and like a fresh breeze. Love how stretchy they are and how soft they feel. 
  • SRC Health: Makes amazing compression / support items for pregnancy and postpartum. 

Benefits of exercising during pregnancy

The importance of staying active during pregnancy is so important for your body, bub and your mind. 

For your body, it’s important to move, stay active and focus on strength for so many reasons. As your pregnancy progresses your bub is growing and the hormone Relaxin kicks in as early as 6 weeks. Adding in specific strength exercises will help your muscles, joints, bones and posture to support your growing bub and eventually also help with labor and recovery.

Staying active and focussing on living a healthy and balanced lifestyle is very supportive for your growing bub. Helping with circulation, blood flow, nausea, and living a healthy life aids a healthy baby.

Moving for your mind is one of the most essential roles. As you’re going through pregnancy you’ll feel all of the different emotions and hormone levels changing.  Give yourself the time for you whether going for a walk and listening to a pregnancy podcast, or doing a gentle yoga class (keep in mind Relaxin kicks in at 6 weeks and peaks around 12 weeks) or doing a mindful workout at the gym. Find what helps ground you and lifts you up.

Above and beyond every part of your pregnancy you will ebb and flow with finding what you and your body needs. The first trimester can be extremely taxing where you will need a nap over a workout. Listen to your body and allow yourself to rest and recover from the energy it takes to grow a bub without any guilt. Morning (a.k.a all day sickness) affects 70% of women in the first trimester or longer. Rest where you need to rest and enjoy the moments with movement where you have the ability.

Pregnancy shouldn’t limit the joy of movement, especially with the availability of stylish maternity activewear. It’s essential to choose activewear that accommodates a growing belly while providing support and comfort throughout the entire pregnancy. It’s important to choose the best maternity workout clothes that will grow with you, especially as your belly, ribs and boobs expand. 

Why now’s the time to look after yourself more than ever

It is essential to receive guidance from a professional with exercise and being pregnant. Pelvic floor activation (and relaxation, is just as important for those who need it), belly breathing exercises (which plays a massive role in exercise, activating / relaxing your pelvic floor muscles properly, and preparing for labor) and making sure you’re doing the correct exercises for you and your bub. 

Now is the best time to see a personal trainer for one on one or pre / post natal small group support. Your body is going through a lot  – around 45% more blood in the body that your heart has to pump, hormonal changes such as Estrogen, Progesterone and Relaxin etc. which play a big role in exercise, possible round ligament pain, pelvic floor complications, and Diastasis recti (abdominal separation) just to name a few. Doing the same exercises as everyone else in a large group isn’t going to help you and can possibly do harm. Finding an educated Pre and Post natal certified Personal Trainer, physical therapist, or specialist will make such a difference throughout your pregnancy and will also help so much for after birth.

How I stay motivated

Staying active is all about creating a routine and finding activities that fill your cup. Make a list of movements that you enjoy on your phone, and when you are unsure what you want to do go back to your notes and pick what your mood is up for. When you complete the movement that you enjoy, write down how you’re feeling. Sometimes it’s easier to go back to how good it felt once you finished to help motivate you to to start.

If you love beach swims in the summer, try stormy beach walks in the winter (you’ll feel so invigorated afterwards.) Or if you feel like you are enjoying the feeling of grounding or hibernating in the chilly months try Yoga for some warmth, calm and quiet. 

Fitness studios and gyms are an easy option all year long. Finding a community and space that knows how to support you and your bub with pre and post natal certified trainers and specialists is key throughout your pregnancy.

The role of fabric in maternity activewear

Finding the right clothes for staying active through pregnancy, doesn’t have to be complicated. You’ll soon need to find some new sport bras that are supportive and that fit you as you grow. Finding comfortable, breathable leggings or tights is so beneficial as it feels like you’ll be living in them over the course of your pregnancy and beyond.

Finding a good pair of pregnancy leggings even as soon as the end of your first trimester if you’re feeling the bloat makes all of the difference. Brands such as H&M and  Emamaco are great options for a low price point. Or if you prefer more compression for both pre and post pregnancy SRC Health recovery shorts or leggings are recommended by health professionals at a higher price point. For an all rounder, and leggings you can wear throughout pregnancy and after Lululemon align collection is a great option if you go up a size or two up from your norm.

I also really love the brand Boody as all of their products are made with sustainable products and eco friendly bamboo fabric that is not only comfortable but also breathable, antibacterial and thermoregulating. They have a maternity range which includes lounge pants for gentle movement.

Keep in mind that everyone is different and has their own preferences. Some prefer over the bump for the support, while others prefer under the bump leggings. It can be a bit of trial and error to see what works best for you and your bump.

Check out these Mama Style-approved maternity workout clothes

Most supportive activewear

Tried and tested, the SRC Pregnancy Leggings provide the best support for back, groin, and pelvic pain. Designed with comfort and functionality in mind, they’re recommended by obstetricians too. Be sure to check out their amazing range of postpartum leggings. These are designed specifically to protect and stabilize the pelvis and support the perineum. An amazing product and one our editor raves about.

SRC Pregnancy Leggings - Over The Bump
Credit: SRC Health

SRC Pregnancy Leggings – Over The Bump

Mama Choice Badge

Cutest maternity workout clothes

Balletcore is IN right now and the Wild Thing Bra from Alo Yoga is a great choice. This bra features a low scoop neck, racerback, and ruched detail at the front, making it a versatile option to wear on its own or under a slouchy tee. It’s been designed with smooth and soft Airbrush material, and offers lift and support for everyday wear. Not a maternity specific piece but we read all the reviews and can confirm: this is one comfortable and versatile bra for all body shapes. We hate to harp on about the fact your ribs can expand while pregnant but it is important to take this into account so please check sizing online for details. 

“I was so pleasantly surprised at the level of comfort of this bra. No, under-boob rash or discomfort.”

Wild Thing Bra French Vanilla
Credit: Alo

Wild Thing Bra French Vanilla

Affordable maternity workout clothes

Looking for inexpensive maternity workout clothes that won’t break the bank? This MAMA 2-piece Activewear Set from H&M is where it’s at. Made with ribbed, fast-drying functional fabric, this set is designed to keep you dry and cool during exercise. The bralette-style top features a practical inner top for easy nursing access, adjustable shoulder straps, and an elasticized hem for maximum mobility. The set comes in a two-pack, which is super easy and breezy to purchase. Although some people have found it to run a bit tight, it still receives 3.8 stars out of five. We also love the colorways.

“Great fit, feels so soft. Only slight annoying thing is the cut outs for breastfeeding are fairly obvious. So can’t really wear by just itself. Apart from that it’s brilliant. Need more colours!!” 

Mama 2-Piece Activewear Set Dark Dusty Rose
Credit: H&M

Mama 2-Piece Activewear Set Dark Dusty Rose

Mama Choice Badge

Plus size maternity workout clothes

These leggings are not only extremely comfortable but also highly supportive. Whether you’re into yoga or simply seeking all-day comfort, these are a must-buy. The added bootcut design makes them even trendier.

Plus Size Secret Fit Belly Maternity Yoga Pants Black
Credit: Motherhood Maternity

Plus Size Secret Fit Belly Maternity Yoga Pants Black

Best petite workout clothes for pregnancy

Lululemon has a range of sizing in all their clothes called Asia Fit, designed for petite women. The best part about Asia Fit is that you can actually get a ⅞ length tight that won’t run long. Here, we recommend the greatest leggings ever – the Aligns but in Aisa Fit. The buttery-soft Nulu™ fabric is sweat-wicking and four-way stretch, perfect for any workout.You won’t want to take them off! Like the regular fit Aligns, these are a winner for women worldwide, preggo or not.

“The legging fit perfectly though slightly long (i’m154cm) and the material was very soft and comfortable. I can wear this the whole day!”

Align™ Super-High-Rise Pants 26" Asia Fit Black
Credit: lululemon

Align™ Super-High-Rise Pants 26″ Asia Fit Black

Winter maternity workout clothing

Lorna Jane offers a long sleeve nursing top that will keep you warm and let you nurse your little one after your workout. It’s perfect for pregnancy too, which makes it a great piece to invest in earlier on then wear throughout and beyond. Pair this with long length leggings  and a knit or coat and you’re ready to go. 

Lj Maternity Active Feeding Long Sleeve Top Titanium
Credit: Lorna Jane

Lj Maternity Active Feeding Long Sleeve Top Titanium

Summer pregnancy workout clothes

Summer pregnancy workout clothes are flattering, comfortable and airy – the perfect addition to your summer style wardrobe, taking you effortlessly from yoga class to the beach. Choose longer line crop tops and breathable fabrics to keep you cool and feeling confident.

Emama Black Long Line Nursing Crop
Credit: emamaco

Emama Black Long Line Nursing Crop

Maternity Crop Top Leo Print Greyblack
Credit: Boob Design

Maternity Crop Top Leo Print Greyblack

Best maternity activewear cropped leggings

Seraphine’s ¾ leggings are specifically designed to fit you throughout your entire pregnancy in moisture-wicking comfort. These maternity cropped leggings are made of breathable, moisture-wicking fabric allow active moms to stay stylish and comfortable  plus there’s a supportive back panel and a phone pocket.

Black 3/4 Length Maternity Gym & Activewear Leggings
Credit: Seraphine

Black 3/4 Length Maternity Gym & Activewear Leggings

Best maternity activewear tops​

We love the cropped tee look on over the bump workout tights from Lorna Jane. Made from their special Active Tencel blend, it’s lightweight, breathable and adorable. 

Lj Maternity Cropped Bump Active Tank Pebble Blue
Credit: Lorna Jane

Lj Maternity Cropped Bump Active Tank Pebble Blue

Best maternity sports bras

For the Nike lovers out there, the Nike Women’s Medium-Support Padded Sports Bra is a must-have for higher levels of activity. This specially designed sports bra by Nike features discreet layers for easy breastfeeding or pumping, while the moisture-managing fabric keeps you cool and dry during workouts. This maternity sports bra offers medium support, making it ideal for various training activities including jogging and cross fit. Although some users found it challenging to feed in, most mamas love the bra’s design and material. 

“Buttery soft material! I love love love the adjustable band, as my ribcage expands during pregnancy. (why doesn’t every sports bra have that type of band?!) I agree with previous reviews that there is no chance of breastfeeding in this. It’s way too hard to pull down. Maybe an adjustable shoulder straps similar to the bottom band would be helpful?”

Swoosh (M) Women'S Medium-Support Padded Sports Bra (Maternity) Black White
Credit: Nike

Swoosh (M) Women’S Medium-Support Padded Sports Bra (Maternity) Black White

Perfect activewear shorts for pregnancy

Pregnant mamas are higher risk of urinary incontinence due to the weakening of pelvic floor muscles that support the bladder, uterus, and bowel. Modibodi has the perfect pair of running shorts for those pesky pregnancy and postpartum leaks. If you prefer, size up during pregnancy or choose your regular size for postpartum. 

Modibodi Running Shorts Moderate-Heavy / Black /
Credit: Modibodi

Modibodi Running Shorts Moderate-Heavy / Black /

Our favorite activewear pregnancy leggings

We love the color of the longer Nike Maternity Leggings. They strike a perfect balance between support and comfort, covering your entire belly to prevent them from rolling down and offering extra support while you work out.

“so soft and comfortable. very flattering on my lower body and keeps my belly covered while working out.”

One (M) Women'S High-Waisted Leggings (Maternity) Olive Black
Credit: Nike

One (M) Women’S High-Waisted Leggings (Maternity) Olive Black

We love everything about DK Active. Its maternity pieces are unbelievable. The Serene Maternity leggings are lightweight, stretchy, and super comfortable. Not only will they grow with you until the very end of your pregnancy, but they’re also ethically and environmentally responsibly made. We are obsessed. Did I mention they come in at least 6 different colors?

Serene Maternity Tight Ribbed Black
Credit: DK Active

Serene Maternity Tight Ribbed Black

Our favorite leggings for postpartum

The best of the best. Many mamas say they wear these throughout their pregnancy too as the material is just so buttery soft and stretchy. If you’re showing a big bump or tend to run at a larger size, it’s up to you but when it comes to postpartum these are second to none in terms of comfort and style. The only downside to these is that pet hair will stick to these soft leggings so if you’re worried about this, pick the Emamaco ones.

“Feel like I’m naked they are so comfortable, soft, buttery and supportive. I love the high waist! Fav pair I own!”

Align™ Super-High-Rise Pants 28" Black
Credit: lululemon

Align™ Super-High-Rise Pants 28″ Black

Mama Choice Badge

Best activewear joggers for pregnancy

Loving these chilled out super stylish jogger pants from Hatch. Perfect for both lounging at home and running errands, these are lightweight and soft for all-day comfort. The ultra-high waistband offers firm support for your back and bump, while the roomy pockets and tapered ankles add a touch of practicality to this everyday style. Not designed for heavy sweating but a perfect walking partner, these pregnancy jogger pants are a must-have addition to your maternity wardrobe.

The Indoor Outdoor Jogger, black,
Credit: Hatch

The Indoor Outdoor Jogger, black,

Best yoga and pilates outfits

A brand that delivers unsurprising function and form when it comes to yoga is adidas. We love the Stella McCartney leggings as well as their nursing Yoga Essentials in pink and black. Be sure to grab the matching set and pick up a yoga mat here. 

Yoga Essentials Studio Light-Support Nursing Bra Pink Strata
Credit: Adidas

Yoga Essentials Studio Light-Support Nursing Bra Pink Strata

For the mama who loves the flared look, these pants from Motherhood are spot on. The Essential Secret Fit Belly Maternity Yoga Pants are ultra-soft and offer exceptional support, all thanks to the Secret Fit Belly feature. Whether you’re running errands, hitting the yoga studio, or simply relaxing at home. Perfect for pregnancy and beyond, these trendy and bump-friendly pants are sure to become your go-to choice for comfort and fun. 

“Lightweight yoga pants that are comfortable enough to wear all day, everyday. I absolutely love these!”

Secret Fit Belly Flare Legging Black
Credit: Motherhood Maternity

Secret Fit Belly Flare Legging Black

Written by Kari Deane

Kari Deane is a certified Personal Trainer, owner of The MVMT Studio and has been helping and empowering clients to live their best and healthiest  life for the last 14 years. She holds certifications as a Personal Trainer, Yoga instructor, pre and post natal specialist and more. Kari has helped so many women navigate their health and fitness with preparation and recovery for both pre and post pregnancy.@kariontraining

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