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Best maternity underwear: top 10 pregnancy underwear reviewed


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When people talk about maternity specific underwear, they mean undies that are specially made with soft and breathable fabrics, reduced or no seams and stitching, or even compression features to assist postpartum recovery.

These undies may also have room for larger absorbency pads, waistbands that don’t interfere with C-Section incision or even absorbent underwear for postpartum bleeding, leaking and discharge. These things do happen so it’s good to be prepared for this!

Pregnancy undies are designed to provide ultimate comfort and support for women during pregnancy and postpartum, and specifically designed for comfort and confidence: our two favourite style ingredients!

Here are our top rated underwear for every stage of your pregnancy

Best overall maternity underwear

These undies are the best investment ever! Not only are they affordable, but they are also stretchy, designed to grow with your belly, seamless, and available in convenient neutral colors. These undies are a must-have during pregnancy. I absolutely loved them!

Grow with me maternity & postpartum brief Twilight
Credit: Kindred Bravely

Grow with me maternity & postpartum brief Twilight

Best below the bump maternity undies

These undies are the perfect option if you find it uncomfortable to have underwear sitting over your belly. They are incredibly soft and comfortable, to the point that you’ll want to have a week’s worth of them. Moreover, they are designed to grow with you throughout your pregnancy and beyond, offering light absorbency for those postpartum months. You’ll surely thank us later.

Modibodi Maternity Brief Light-Moderate / Black /
Credit: Modibodi

Modibodi Maternity Brief Light-Moderate / Black /

Best over-the-bump underwear

We love high waisted over-the-bump underwear for day-to-day wear. Not only does over-the-bump underwear feel supportive, but it can actually help with lower back support too. Hatch makes some of the most supportive underwear for pregnancy, like these below. The double layer at the front and back offer safe c-section coverage. 

Top bamboo maternity underwear

Currently obsessed with bamboo for its breathable comfort, especially during those warmer months. Being pregnant, you tend to run a little warmer than usual so anything that you can do to stay cool helps.

Boyleg Brief, Nude 2
Credit: Boody

Boyleg Brief, Nude 2

Best plus size maternity underwear

Currently obsessed with these extra-supportive high-waisted briefs from Skims! They are perfect, especially during the last months of pregnancy when you appreciate some extra support for your growing belly. These briefs are ideal for special occasions when you want to wear a nice bodycon dress or even a flowy dress and still feel the support from your underwear. I highly recommend them!

Fits everybody maternity high-waisted brief ochre
Credit: Skims

Fits everybody maternity high-waisted brief ochre

Sexiest maternity undies

Our favourite lingerie options for pregnancy are from Hotmillk Lingerie. Hotmilk not only focuses on combining style, comfort, and functionality, but it also allows us to feel confident, supported, and sexy during this special time in our lives.

Temptation black bikini brief
Credit: Hotmilk Lingerie

Temptation black bikini brief

Best maternity thongs

These thongs are incredibly stretchy, seamless, and lightweight, making them perfect for wearing under white or beige dresses or pants. They are also suitable for everyday wear as you will hardly feel them! Even 20 months postpartum, I still wear them.

Grow with me maternity & postpartum hipster Beige
Credit: Kindred Bravely

Grow with me maternity & postpartum hipster Beige

Most recommended 100% cotton underwear

These cotton undies are a must-have. They are soft and sexy—what else could you ask for?

Icon cotton black light leakproof bikini brief
Credit: Hotmilk Lingerie

Icon cotton black light leakproof bikini brief

Most amazing undies for post pregnancy

These are incredibly comfortable, and I used them after I had my c-section. I still have them, and I stil find them super comfy, especially for those days during my period when I definitely don’t want to prioritize feeling sexy.

Full Brief, Black
Credit: Boody

Full Brief, Black

For amazing support after giving birth, we recommend wearing the SRC shorts. They can help you speed up the recovery process after giving birth.

SRC Recovery Short - Mini
Credit: SRC Health

SRC Recovery Short – Mini

Best disposable pregnancy underwear

Depend Women Real Fit Underwear gets the best reviews from mums in the know. You can pick it up from your nearest chemist.

FAQs about maternity underwear

Do I need maternity underwear?

If you want to feel more comfortable during your pregnancy, you should get maternity underwear. These pieces are specially designed to support a growing belly and provide added comfort during pregnancy that regular underwear doesn’t have. They are often made with soft, breathable fabrics that help to reduce irritation and discomfort, and less stitching or seams that regular undies. Some underwear has room for large pads, which can be helpful during postpartum period when you will be dealing with postpartum bleeding.

While maternity underwear is not a necessity for every pregnant mama, it can be a great option for those who are experiencing discomfort, leakage, discharge and even pain during pregnancy.

When it comes to postpartum, it’s great to be prepared with disposable undies, and comfortable underwear styles you don’t need to think about. We also recommend recovery shorts to help your body heal from childbirth.

How to buy the right size underwear when you are pregnant?

When it comes to underwear, either choose the same size you normally get or a size up. Good maternity underwear is designed to grow with you rather than restrict you. If you’re in doubt, try some on in store.

Which underwear type is best for maternity?

The best underwear type for maternity has minimal stitching, is made from breathable, comfortable material that won’t irritate your skin, and is designed to grow with and accommodate your body.

What to consider when purchasing pregnancy underwear?

When purchasing pregnancy underwear or bras, look for comfortable material, breathability, style and whether the bra straps are adjustable.

What are the most popular maternity underwear brands?

There are more popular options around than ever before, with many of these brands offering maternity underwear as part of a wider range of underwear options.

During pregnancy:
Any of the brands above are top quality and offer the support you need while pregnant.

Postpartum specific:

  • Boody for recovery from caesarean as well as vaginal births
  • Modibodi to deal with leakage

Make sure to include some postpartum underwear in your hospital bag!

When should I buy maternity underwear?

We recommend getting a few pairs when you find out you’re pregnant. Pregnancy undies will come in more useful as your belly and body starts changing, as things might not fit as they used to, so you want to be prepared. Pregnancy undies may be necessary in postpartum when your body needs all the help it can get to recover. You might want to stock up on both maternity underwear as well as recovery shorts and pants to see you through this period.

What’s the best disposable pregnancy underwear?

Depend Women Real Fit Underwear gets the best reviews from mums in the know. You can pick it up from your nearest chemist.

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