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What I wish I’d known about pregnancy fashion


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Getting pregnant for the first time was a beautiful, shocking surprise. We had planned the trying part, but the actual conception part was blessedly fast. As an avid planner, I was unprepared for what lay in store for my body, amongst everything else.

The first thing I noticed was of course the sore boobs. Next came the bloating. As someone who had finally mastered my capsule wardrobe style comprising of mainly high-waisted black boyfriend jeans and tight rib racerback singlets, this was going to be fun.

Let me be frank with you: I could not see myself in traditional maternity clothes.

Worse still? The prices of things.

As my pregnancy progressed, I began to notice the ‘baby tax’ on everything. And that included maternity clothes. As a a conscious shopper, I pay attention to where, how and with what materials products are made.

It’s the least I can do trying to make the right decision for my values.

One thing I noticed was all these maternity brands? They use cheap materials and produce offshore. But they still retail at the higher end of the market.

I also realised that there’s never been a more important time to feel good about ourselves. That means maintaining a stylish presence at work, having something to wear on special occasions and feeling comfortable in our day-to-day.

Of course, it’s important to feel comfortable living our lives for the next 40 weeks.

Fastforward to my 34th week of pregnancy as I write this to you.

I’ve discovered that you don’t need a whole new wardrobe of maternity pieces. You can make regular stylish clothes work for you while only needing to invest in a few key pieces that are specifically designed for maternity wear.

Above all else, I realise how important material and fabrics are in helping make you feel good and look good. Cheaper maternity singlets have long since stained, pilled and pulled. Meanwhile, my trusty black silk shirt results in at least three compliments a day on how slim I look!

One of the properties of black silk is its ability to make you look effortlessly slim and divine, I say.

So here we are! We’re curating the best of both regular fashion brands and specific, stylish maternity brands to help you feel your damn best. If you like what you see, let us know. If you have any feedback or suggestions on relevant topics, just get in touch at

-The Mama Style

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