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Best maternity brands of 2023

5 best maternity clothing brands of 2023 reviewed

No matter how easy the celebs make it look, finding the balance between comfort and style when it comes to maternity clothing can be tricky. To help you on your journey, we’ve reviewed our top 5 best maternity clothing brands.

You may not need to buy ‘maternity’ clothing until a little later in your pregnancy and can get away with regular clothes for a few months, especially if it’s your first pregnancy. (Thanks to bloating, I needed to start much sooner.)

The first step in finding the best maternity clothes for you is understanding what your style is. Are you into bright colours or are you a minimalist like this writer? Do you enjoy constantly refreshing your wardrobe or prefer long term investment pieces? You might be somewhere in the middle, so start with the basics and go from there. I suggest outlining the pieces you wear every day and starting with those.

Next, you’ll want to plan your pregnancy style is to consider items that will grow with you, and whether you’ll wear them again in the future. Fast fashion isn’t fun on your wallet or the environment. While you might not wear your very practical feeding top to the boardroom meeting, you may very well enjoy wearing your Paige maternity jeans in the future. So when it comes to shopping for pregnancy outfits, think practically and of course, have fun!

Here is a basic maternity outfit capsule list to get you started:

  • Black denim maternity pants
  • A stretchy pencil skirt to wear with flats or sneakers
  • A tight top or two for work
  • A luxe long knit for extra bloated days
  • A couple of plain tees for warmer days
  • Oversized shirt and and bike shorts or body suit.

How we reviewed these maternity clothing brands

Here are our Mamastyle-approved maternity clothing brands rated by our team. We reviewed these pregnancy brands based on:

  • Price – how affordable is the maternity clothing brand?
  • Sustainability – does the clothing embrace practise sustainability and ethical practises in production?
  • Style – does the brand embrace elevated styles and is it on trend?
  • Materials – does the brand use pregnancy-friendly materials that are designed for comfort, breathability and stretch?


US maternity label Hatch was founded by ex-Wall Street banker Ariane Goldman in 2011 with the vision of providing comfortable and stylish clothing options for every stage of pregnancy. We love Hatch’s range of luxurious and glam pieces and versatile style. While some items are priced a little higher in the market, the quality is outstanding. Hatch also does pregnancy evening wear quite well, which we love.


Storq is a great brand that offers versatile, comfortable, and stylish essentials for mamas. Founded by Courtney Klein, the brand aims to empower women during this transformative journey. Storq’s minimalist design approach focuses on clean lines, neutral colors, and high-quality fabrics and their sustainable practices include ethical manufacturing and eco-friendly materials. What we love about Storq is that it’s more than a clothing brand – it provides a supportive community with resources and a curated selection of complementary products. One of our faves and for good reason. 

Signature bike shorts Black
Credit: Storq

Signature bike shorts Black

Boob Design

Boob Design offers a complete range of sustainable maternity clothes to provide comfort and style for everyday wear and special occasions. Made with stretchy materials and with discreet and smart nursing functions, Boob’s clothes are suitable for both pregnancy and post-pregnancy. What we love about Boob is that it takes pride in producing clothes with care, focusing on high-quality design, functionality, and sustainable materials. Boob makes conscious choices throughout the production process and cares about the wellbeing of the people who help produce their gorgeous, simple pieces. We love their simple, timeless, high quality pieces that make the perfect capsule wardrobe. 

Wool Pile Sweater Walnut
Credit: Boob Design

Wool Pile Sweater Walnut

H&M Mama

H&M is our favourite affordable stylish maternity brand. Their clothes are reliably stylish and last a lot longer than items from simlar chains. We love H&M Mama for two and three pack nursing tops, jeans and basic tees. H&M have also made serious inroads into becoming more sustainable without becoming more expensive. H&M Group CEO Helena Helmersson has been appointed as the new Co-Chair of The Fashion Pact’s Steering Committee, aiming to lead the industry’s transition to renewable energy, protect biodiversity, and promote sustainable sourcing throughout the fashion value chain. 

Mama 2-pack nursing tops Black/white
Credit: H&M

Mama 2-pack nursing tops Black/white

Apéro Label

Apéro Label’s Mére Collection is a breath of fresh air in the world of fashion. Tailored for the discerning stylish mama, this collection effortlessly elevates everyday life. What truly sets it apart are its versatile staples that could easily be the bedrock of any modern wardrobe. With its timeless monochromes and deep neutrals, each piece promises compatibility with myriad styles. Beyond colors, the brand prides itself in ethical and sustainable production and meticulously crafted silhouettes and innovative panel detailing. What makes this one of the best maternity brands out there is that Apéro cater for plus size mamas too. 

Oblique Embroidered Cropped Wrap Tee - Charcoal / Beige
Credit: Apero Label

Oblique Embroidered Cropped Wrap Tee – Charcoal / Beige

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