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The 6 pregnancy style tips you need to know


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Congratulations on your pregnancy! You’re embarking on one of the most exciting, daunting and beautiful experiences. It’s crazy to think about all the changes taking place in our bodies as we grow a little human (or two!). Now that you’ve found out your pregnant, you can start thinking about how the next 40 weeks are going to go for you. There’s so much to plan and prepare so let’s take care of the one thing you came here for: your style.

We asked 7 stylish mamas for their tips on how they approached their pregnancy style to maintain confidence – even on those not-so-great days.

Focus on maintaining your usual style during pregnancy

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you need to suddenly dress as if you’re auditioning for Little House on the Prairie. You can keep your style and your confidence by making some simple smart adjustments. Whether you’re a dress and boots girl, or love high-waisted jeans and shirts, by now you’ve figured out your uniform when it comes to style. Remember: if you look good, you’ll feel good. 

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Embrace black leggings. They’re a maternity style staple.

Dress them up, dress them down, they work all year round. As you progress through your pregnancy and your bump starts growing, you can graduate to a more comfortable pair of maternity specific leggings. And the best part? Your recovery leggings will do the trick too postpartum – and they’ll be helping you heal. 

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Wear what you normally do in a bigger size.

However you try and sugarcoat it, many women feel ashamed about going up a size. This is a sad and unnecessary truth for us. However, rest assured that your pregnancy is the last place to feel guilt or shame. Remember how much you’re doing and how fantastic your body is. Keep buying what you normally buy and embrace it in a size or even two larger. 

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Invest in some maternity specific jeans

You will need some jeans. Some good, comfortable, stylish maternity jeans. The kind specifically designed to keep you comfortable and looking good. Don’t choose jeans with an outside tie. As well as looking dated, it bulges under tight tops and can be hard to hide. 

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Try and buy things you’ll wear after pregnancy 

Maternity jeans aside (although we’ve heard on the grapevine they can be pretty comfortable after pregnancy too), try and keep your ‘maternity specific’ clothing to a minimum. Your postpartum uniform might consist of a few nursing tops and dresses depending on your feeding choices, but you might be just as well off investing in button up shirts and blouses you can get ongoing use for. We love the ‘shirt over bike shorts’ look in a big way. 

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Accessorise to elevate your pregnancy style

If you’re having a dull day or just woke up feeling yuk, accessorising can make a world of difference. Gold earrings, some bling around your neck, a statement bag or a red lip can help give you the pep you need.

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