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Comfy pregnancy summer shoes

Summer shoes that are comfy to wear while pregnant

When you’re pregnant, taking care of your feet becomes really important, and that starts with choosing the right shoes. This isn’t just because of swollen feet – you might be one of the lucky ones who don’t get this – but the fact you’re carrying extra weight, flooded with Relaxin hormones and generally feeling uncomfortable all over.

What are the best shoe types to wear during pregnancy in summer?

In summer, you are more likely to suffer swollen feet. Here are some tips from The Mama Style team to ensure you find the most comfortable and supportive shoes to wear during a pregnancy summer.

  • Think you know your shoe size? First off, make sure you know your accurate shoe size because your feet might change during pregnancy. So, get measured properly in a store and look for shoes that actually fit your feet, rather than squeezing them into tight ones.
  • Plenty of room to move: Next, go for shoes that offer plenty of room for any swelling or widening of your feet. Look for shoes with spacious toe boxes that let your toes spread naturally. If you have wider feet (like moi) sadly, you might have to give pointier toes a miss. 
  • More cushion: Prioritize cushioning and good arch support to ease any discomfort. A wide chunky heel and breathable material can help reduce friction and boost overall comfort.
  • More support please: Supportive arches are crucial for stability. Try and bend the shoe. Really. This will help you check if the shoe’s shank is rigid enough to prevent it from folding completely in half. This kind of firmness provides the support your arches need and keeps you stable on your feet. Do you have higher arches? Maybe even check with your chemist or podiatrist if you need some inner soles. With that in mind…
  • Pain unbearable? If you’re experiencing a lot of foot pain, customized orthotics can be a lifesaver. These specially tailored supports provide relief and ensure your body stays aligned, giving you maximum comfort throughout the day. The benefits of staying aligned mean you won’t put pressure on other parts of your body. Honestly? You’re going through enough right now. If the pain persists, it’s a good idea to see a podiatrist for professional advice and to explore custom orthotic options.

Shoes to avoid

When it comes to what to avoid, super  high heels can be risky during pregnancy. They can throw off your balance and put extra strain on your feet and body. If you want some height, consider wedges or chunky heels, which we have here for you. Other shoes to avoid is flip-flops, as they usually lack the arch support you need.

Check out the best maternity shoes for maximum comfort and style

Best shoes for swollen pregnant feet in summer

I may be biased because I absolutely adore these but in my opinion, Birkenstocks are THE most comfortable and stylish shoe for swollen feet. Especially in summer. Birkenstock Arizona sandals are made with a soft footbed that will cradle your feet and provide all the support you need. I have fairly flat arches and these give me the support I need. Plus, the straps are adjustable! You can loosen them up as your feet swell throughout the day. 

Arizona soft footbed sandal in taupe
Credit: Birkenstock

Arizona soft footbed sandal in taupe

On trend shoes for pregnancy

These Tony Bianco sandals are the perfect way to stay on trend while you’re pregnant. Psst: they’re a perfect dupe for the Marni slides too! They’re made with a soft, lightweight leather that will keep your feet comfortable all day long. We love the edgy design – it goes with everything! 

Hiranni sandal in black sheep nappa
Credit: Tony Bianco

Hiranni sandal in black sheep nappa

Best supportive shoes for pregnancy

These On Cloudnova sneakers are super stylish and the perfect supportive shoes for pregnancy.  They’re made with a cloud-like cushioning that will absorb shock and keep your feet comfortable all day long no matter what you’ve got on. Plus, the flexible upper means they’ll stretch to accommodate your swollen feet. Perfect for long walks as well as errands these are the best supportive shoes for pregnancy.

Cloudnova Sneaker In Phantom & White Phantom  White
Credit: On

Cloudnova Sneaker In Phantom & White Phantom White

Best maternity summer shoes for work

These Arket mules are the perfect maternity summer shoes for work. They’re made with a comfortable leather upper and a low chunky heel that will keep you comfortable while still adding the height and style you need. They look great with just about any bottom, jeans or skirt so whether your office look is casual or formal, you’ll pass the test in these.

Flare-heel leather mules Black
Credit: Arket

Flare-heel leather mules Black

Best sandals for pregnancy

These Everlane Day Crossover sandals are unreal! These sandals are ideal for pregnancy and general living. The leather is buttery soft, and the toe is a tapered square. The footbed is flexible enough without compromising your gait, plus the sole is raised. Overall the fit is wide too and the criss-cross straps avoid chafing. Adding to cart.

The day crossover sandal Brown
Credit: Everlane

The day crossover sandal Brown

Stunning summer shoes for special occasions

These Everlane Leather Day Twist Heel canvas shoes are the most stunning summer shoes for special occasions. Simple, elegant and made of a soft lightweight canvas, these get amazing reviews for comfort and style. So whether you’re going to a wedding or just a summer party, these shoes will be the perfect finishing touch to your look.

The day twist heel Canvas
Credit: Everlane

The day twist heel Canvas

Best beach shoes for pregnancy

These Walnut Melbourne Cecil leather slides are the perfect beach shoes for pregnancy. They’re made with a soft, lightweight leather and padded insole as well as adjustable straps. Functionality aside, we adore the pebble color. 

Cecil Leather Slide - Seashell Pebble
Credit: Walnut Melbourne

Cecil Leather Slide – Seashell Pebble

Best maternity shoes for long walks in summer

For a regular width these ASICS sneakers are the perfect maternity shoes for long walks in summer. They’re made with a supportive cushioning that will absorb shock and keep your feet comfortable all day long. Plus, the flexible upper means they’ll stretch to accommodate your swollen feet. So whether you’re walking around the city or just going for a hike, these shoes will keep you feeling your best. Pair with bike shorts and a crop for a cute, active summer look.

ASICS Women's GEL-Cumulus 25 - White/White
Credit: Asics

ASICS Women’s GEL-Cumulus 25 – White/White


Do your feet get wider during pregnancy?

Yes, your feet can get wider during pregnancy. This is due to the increased levels of the hormone ‘relaxin’, which loosens the ligaments in your body. This can cause your feet to spread out, making you need wider shoes. For now, anyway. 

What are the best shoes to wear during pregnancy?

The best shoes to wear during pregnancy are comfortable and supportive. They should have a wide toe box to allow your feet to spread out, and they should have good arch support. Some good options include:

  • Sneakers: Choose casual or more functional sneakers but either way, these are probably the best option for ultimate comfort, if a little hot.
  • Sandals: Sandals are a good option for summer. They are comfortable and allow your feet to breathe, but they may not be as supportive as other options. Look for crossover designs to avoid any straps digging into you.
  • Birkenstocks: Birkenstocks come equipped with an orthopedic insole that means cushioning for your feet as well as stability. They also have a wide range of designs and looks and are timeless when it comes to style.

How many shoe sizes do you go up when pregnant?

The amount of shoe sizes you go up when pregnant varies between every woman. Some women go up one or two sizes, while others go up three or four sizes. It is important to try on shoes regularly during pregnancy to make sure that they still fit comfortably and if in doubt get measured in a shoe store.

When should I stop wearing high heels during pregnancy?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Some women may be able to continue wearing high heels throughout their pregnancy if they want to, while others may need to stop wearing them sooner or not feel like wearing them at all. It’s important to listen to your body and stop wearing high heels if they start to cause pain or discomfort, or cause any sort of back pain.

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