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Product review: Lululemon Align leggings in high rise


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I’m a 38-year-old mom of one who gave birth via C-section 16 weeks ago. I am 5″5″. I’ve recovered now but I’m carrying about 7 kg more than I was before baby and there’s definitely some extra baggage around my tummy and thighs, which I’m not bothered about for now. I’m breastfeeding and staying active. I’ve been looking for a pair of comfortable leggings that I can wear post-recovery and feel really comfortable in. I hate feeling constricted. I heard great things about the Lululemon Align leggings in high rise so thought I’d give these a go. 

I own the Aligns in size 6, which is a size bigger than I’d normally wear. I got them in navy for a change as I normally wear black. I was expecting cellulite and lumps and bumps to be more obvious in the navy, so I wanted to test this.

Align™ High-Rise Crop Pants 21" True Navy
Credit: lululemon

Align™ High-Rise Crop Pants 21″ True Navy

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The first thing I noticed about these leggings is how soft they are. They’re made from a four-way stretch fabric that feels like butter against my skin. So far this is perfect for when I want something a little more dressy than sweatpants but absolutely cannot be bothered with jeans. They’re also very comfortable and don’t feel restrictive at all. 

I’ve worn these on a huge walk – 10km – and they didn’t feel hot or tight at all. So big tick there! I also like that these leggings have a smoothing effect even though they aren’t made of a heavy lycra. I feel surprisingly confident wearing these, even though they aren’t black! 

One downside to these leggings is that pet hair and fluff sticks to them. I have a dog and a cat, and their hair seems to be attracted to these leggings. I have to lint roll them every time I wear them, which is annoying and makes them feel like higher maintenance pants than they are.

Lululemon Align™ High-Rise Pant 28" Black
Credit: lululemon

Lululemon Align™ High-Rise Pant 28″ Black

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Overall though, I’m really happy with the Lululemon Align leggings in high rise. They’re comfortable, flattering, and they make me feel good even in a color I wouldn’t normally wear. I would definitely recommend them to other moms who are looking for a pair of postpartum leggings that feel like a second skin — especially on those days you just need to get out the house fast.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Would I recommend?: Yes


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Don’t feel restricted
  • Have a smoothing effect
  • Buttery soft
  • Super comfortable, like a second skin


  • Can be see-through in certain lights
  • Some pet hair sticks to them
Align™ Super-High-Rise Pants 28" Graphite Grey
Credit: lululemon

Align™ Super-High-Rise Pants 28″ Graphite Grey

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