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How to style wide leg maternity pants for summer


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Wide leg maternity pant ideas for pregnancy style

One of my absolute favorite style trends that seamlessly blends into maternity wear has been the wide-leg pant. They’re simple, chic, and oh-so-comfortable—perfect for the mom-to-be who wants to keep her style game strong without sacrificing comfort. In the mood to wear pants but worried about feeling constricted? Choose wide-leg maternity trousers! Need to look put together but want to ensure comfort throughout the day? Wide-leg trousers are your new bff.

Whether you have a packed day ahead or just a casual meet-up, maternity trousers are one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your pregnancy wardrobe. Initially seen as just office wear, trousers have evolved significantly. Now available in various fabrics and styles that are far from stiff, they’re perfect for every phase of your pregnancy. From traditional office-appropriate cuts to fun patterned crops ideal for a summer day, there’s a pair of maternity trousers out there for every expecting mom.

Tips for Elevating Your Maternity Style

I absolutely adore these wide-leg maternity pants that I’ve found. They’re a breeze to style, perfect for staying cool in the summer, and yes—super comfortable. It took some time to incorporate them into my regular rotation, as stepping outside your fashion comfort zone can be daunting, especially during pregnancy. But with some experimentation, I’ve discovered looks that not only feel great but also boost my confidence.

1. Be conscious of your proportions

When styling your wide leg maternity pants, it’s crucial to consider proportions to maintain balance in your outfit. Since wide leg pants have more volume, pairing them with a fitted maternity top can create a flattering silhouette. However, if fitted tops aren’t your preference, an oversized button-down—like a stylish denim or soft cotton one—can also work wonders. Just tuck it in to define your bump beautifully and finish with matching accessories that take your look next level.


Wide Cargo Pants Khaki
Credit: Soon Maternity

Wide Cargo Pants Khaki

2. Keep your shoes comfortable

Footwear can make or break the casual yet chic vibe. Opting for a heel can elevate the trousers for formal occasions, but for day-to-day wear, sticking to casual shoes like slide sandals or sneakers keeps things relaxed and stylish. Some of my favorites include comfy sandals and chic platform sandals that complement the casual look perfectly while providing extra support.


Silk Trousers Light Beige
Credit: Arket

Silk Trousers Light Beige

3. Experiment with textures and colors

Wide leg pants don’t need to be monochrome. Experiment with colors and patterns while keeping it neutral at the top. You can also experiment with textures when it comes to your accessories: a raffia bag can add pizzazz to an otherwise simple outfit.

White linen wide leg pants with brown jumper and raffia bag


Asos design maternity wide leg pant with linen in oatmeal
Credit: Asos

Asos design maternity wide leg pant with linen in oatmeal

4. Go oversize on top

You’ll be surprised at how liberating it is to be comfortably stylish. If you’re like me and feel like your proportions are only balanced when you’re in a tight top and loose pants, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how cool you feel in an all baggy outfit. Dial up the luxury with a stylish bag and white sneakers. For summer, opt for a baggy tee or tank.

Woman in baggy jeans and oversized jumper with white sneakers

5. Don’t be afraid to wear your wide leg pants under your bump

Take a leaf out of the model playbook and lowride your wide leg maternity pants with a bikini top and vest. While we don’t recommend pregnant mamas walk the Californian beaches in pointy heels, some comfy sandals would carry the wide cream or white pant look far.

Model standing in wide leg white pants against beach background


Soho Straight Pants Beige
Credit: Soon Maternity

Soho Straight Pants Beige

Embracing your personal style during pregnancy doesn’t mean a complete overhaul of your wardrobe. With the right pieces, like wide-leg maternity trousers, you can look fabulous and feel comfortable throughout your pregnancy journey. Here’s to a stylish, comfortable, and joy-filled pregnancy.

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