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Maternity bike shorts as a staple in the preggo capsule wardrobe have survived multiple style cycles (get it?) and I promise you they’re not going anywhere. Especially when paired with a simple cotton tee, oversize or tight fitting, they are the easiest way to nail maternity style without the fluff. Just ask some of the most stylish mamas on Pinterest like @lauraelizabethgraham. With the right shorts, you can also continue to exercise as you normally would, too. This guide is dedicated to helping expecting mamas find the bike shorts that offer support, flexibility, and style. Let’s dive into the world of maternity wear that caters specifically to your changing body and active needs.

The brands on this list are designed with the unique needs of pregnant women in mind. They offer extra support around the waist and abdomen, ensuring comfort during physical activity without compromising on mobility or style. Whether you’re cycling, walking, or simply looking for a comfortable option for everyday wear, these shorts are a versatile choice for mamas.

But why choose maternity bike shorts over regular ones? The answer lies in their specialized features such as high waistbands, breathable fabrics, and stretchable materials that accommodate growing bellies. Plus, they can be a fashionable addition to your pregnancy wardrobe, seamlessly blending functionality with style.

Our top rated selection of bike shorts for every trimester

All round best maternity bike shorts for everyday wear

For mamas seeking the ultimate blend of comfort and style, our top-rated bike shorts from Emamaco stand out. Designed with a supportive high waistband and made from stretchy, buttery soft breathable fabric, these shorts provide the perfect fit from the first trimester to postpartum recovery. Ideal for cycling, light workouts, or casual outings, they’re a versatile addition to your maternity wardrobe. 10/10 will buy again.

Emama Maternity Bike Shorts - Black
Credit: emamaco

Emama Maternity Bike Shorts – Black

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Best bike shorts for summer

Beat the heat with our selection of the most radiant maternity shorts for summer. Crafted from lightweight, moisture-wicking materials, these shorts keep you cool and dry during warmer months. The stretchable fabric accommodates your growing bump, ensuring comfort and style as temperatures rise.

Signature bike shorts Black
Credit: Storq

Signature bike shorts Black

Top maternity bike shorts for the active mama

For moms-to-be who don’t want to slow down, our top chic bike shorts for the active mom are a perfect choice. Featuring robust support and flexibility, these shorts are ideal for cycling, yoga, or any exercise routine. Their stylish design ensures you look as good as you feel, whether you’re at the gym or running errands.

Love The Bump Maternity Bike Shorts Nocturnal Navy
Credit: Beyond Yoga

Love The Bump Maternity Bike Shorts Nocturnal Navy

Best bike shorts for mamas who like to cycle

Designed to be more comfortable for moms-to-be who love cycling and running, these bike shorts offer amazing support and design for an active lifestyle. Designed for outdoorsy workouts and with full coverage, they’re great for all sorts of exercise.

Evolve Bike Pant Black
Credit: DK Active

Evolve Bike Pant Black

Best plus size maternity shorts for full-figured moms

Embrace your curves with the most divine plus size bike shorts, designed to provide extra support and comfort for full-figured moms-to-be. These shorts feature an expandable waistband that grows with you, offering a snug, yet comfortable fit at every stage of your pregnancy.

Active High-Waisted 8" Short With Pockets, Black
Credit: Boody

Active High-Waisted 8″ Short With Pockets, Black

Comfiest bike shorts for lounging

For those days when comfort is your top priority, our selection of the most comfortable bike shorts comes to the rescue. Ideal for lounging or running errands, these shorts are made from soft, stretchy fabric that won’t dig into your belly or thighs, ensuring you feel relaxed and supported all day long.

Emama Maternity Bike Shorts - Rose
Credit: emamaco

Emama Maternity Bike Shorts – Rose

Top bike shorts for yoga

Our most stunning maternity bike shorts for yoga enthusiasts offer the flexibility and breathability needed for your practice. With a high waistband that stays in place during various yoga poses, these shorts provide the perfect combination of support and freedom of movement for prenatal yoga sessions.

Maternity Full-Panel Biker Shorts 2-Pack -- 6-Inch Inseam Multi Color
Credit: Old Navy

Maternity Full-Panel Biker Shorts 2-Pack — 6-Inch Inseam Multi Color

Best maternity bike shorts for runners

Keep up with your running routine with our most remarkable maternity bike shorts, designed with runners in mind. These shorts feature a supportive belly band and are made from moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry and comfortable whether you’re jogging or sprinting.

One (M) Women'S 7" Biker Shorts (Maternity) Black White
Credit: Nike

One (M) Women’S 7″ Biker Shorts (Maternity) Black White

Best bike shorts for postpartum recovery

Transition smoothly into postpartum life with one of the best performing maternity bike shorts designed for postpartum recovery on the market. Featuring a supportive waistband that can be adjusted for comfort, these SRC Health shorts are ideal for new moms looking to stay active while supporting their recovery process.

Womens Surgiheal Short Regular Waist
Credit: SRC Health

Womens Surgiheal Short Regular Waist

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Affordable pregnancy bike shorts on a budget

Travel in comfort and style with our most stylish maternity bike shorts, ideal for adventure-seeking moms-to-be. Lightweight and packable, these shorts are perfect for vacations or day trips, offering comfort and flexibility while exploring new places.

Maternity & postpartum bike shorts Black
Credit: Kindred Bravely

Maternity & postpartum bike shorts Black

Eco-conscious maternity bike shorts

For the environmentally conscious mom-to-be, our most eco-conscious maternity bike shorts are made from sustainable materials, offering an eco-friendly option without compromising on comfort or style. These shorts support not only your pregnancy journey but also the planet.

Maternity Biker Shorts Black
Credit: Boob Design

Maternity Biker Shorts Black

Smooth maternity bike shorts with seamless design

Experience the ultimate in comfort and style with our most smooth maternity bike shorts featuring a seamless design. Perfect for wearing under dresses or tunics, these shorts eliminate uncomfortable seams and lines, offering a sleek and comfortable fit throughout your pregnancy.

Black Seamless Maternity Bike Short
Credit: Girlfriend Collective

Black Seamless Maternity Bike Short

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Can I wear bike shorts while pregnant?

Absolutely, wearing bike shorts while pregnant is not only possible but also beneficial. Maternity bike shorts are specially designed to provide comfort, support, and flexibility to accommodate your growing belly. They offer a great way to stay active, whether you’re cycling, walking, or participating in prenatal exercise classes. With features like high waistbands and stretchable fabrics, maternity bike shorts ensure you can move freely and comfortably throughout your pregnancy.

When choosing maternity bike shorts, look for options that provide enough support without being too tight, as well as breathable materials to keep you cool. Many brands offer bike shorts with additional padding or support in the back and belly areas, making them a perfect choice for expectant mothers who want to maintain an active lifestyle while ensuring safety and comfort for themselves and their baby.

How should women’s bike shorts fit?

Women’s bike shorts, especially maternity ones, should fit snugly but not too tightly. They’re designed to provide support without constricting movement or circulation. The ideal maternity bike shorts will have a stretchable waistband that can accommodate a growing belly, along with supportive but non-restrictive leg bands to keep the shorts in place without digging into the skin.

During pregnancy, it’s particularly important to choose bike shorts that can adapt to your changing body. Look for shorts made from flexible, breathable materials that offer enough elasticity to stretch comfortably over your bump. The fit should feel secure and supportive around the waist and hips, without causing any discomfort or pressure on your belly.

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