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Finding the best maternity midi skirts for every trimester


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Discovering the perfect maternity midi skirt can transform your pregnancy wardrobe, combining comfort with style while also being an easy go-to when you need something to immediately boost your confidence. No matter how wonderful pregnancy is, this need for confidence can happen often. Them’s the breaks as they say. Enter: the midi skirt!

Maternity midi skirts are versatile, on trend and flattering whatever size or shape, making them a must-have item for pregnant and postpartum mamas. From accommodating your growing bump to transitioning for postpartum use, these skirts are designed to be easy and make any outfit work.

How do you wear a midi skirt with a baby bump?

Wearing a midi skirt during pregnancy is all about balancing comfort and style. Immediately we think of rib knits, stretchy cotton or even flattering A line skirts with elastic or adjustable waistbands to accommodate your growing bump. Pairing your skirt with a fitted top can accentuate your bump, but honestly anything goes these days.

For those chilly days, layering is key. A maternity cardigan or a structured jacket can keep you warm without compromising on style. Footwear should be both stylish and comfortable; think flats, sandals, or supportive sneakers that complement your outfit and cater to the increased sensitivity of your feet.

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Our top reviewed selection of maternity midi skirts

Best maternity midi skirts for chic moms-to-be

Switch on confidence with our selection of the most elegant maternity midi skirts that are built for an instant pick me up for any occasion. Designed for chic moms-to-be, these skirts blend style with comfort, featuring adjustable waistbands and soft, stretchable fabrics. Perfect for office wear, casual outings, or evening events, they offer a flattering fit that grows with you.

Classic pencil skirt Black
Credit: Storq

Classic pencil skirt Black

Best maternity midi skirts for summer vibes

Get ready for summer with our maternity midi skirts, designed to keep you cool and stylish. Featuring lightweight materials and vibrant prints, these skirts are perfect for beach outings, summer picnics, or just enjoying the outdoors. Their stretchy lightweight fabric offers comfort and style.

Moss Ribbed Column Midi Skirt Forest Green Stripe
Credit: Apero Label

Moss Ribbed Column Midi Skirt Forest Green Stripe

Best plus-size maternity midi skirts for flattering comfort

Our collection of the most stylish skirts available in plus-size ensures that every mama will find her perfect fit. These skirts are crafted with extra care to provide ample space, comfort, and style, supporting you beautifully throughout your pregnancy journey. Find the skirt that makes you feel your best.

Jacqui Knit Midi Skirt - Sage / White
Credit: Apero Label

Jacqui Knit Midi Skirt – Sage / White

Top vintage-inspired maternity midi skirts for timeless elegance

Channel timeless elegance with the most radiant vintage-inspired maternity midi skirts. Perfect for moms-to-be seeking a touch of nostalgia, these skirts feature classic cuts and patterns, ensuring a stylish, comfortable fit that flatters at every stage of pregnancy. Their versatile design pairs beautifully with both casual and formal tops, making them a wardrobe staple.

Silver Metallic Pleated Maternity Midi Skirt
Credit: PinkBlush Maternity

Silver Metallic Pleated Maternity Midi Skirt

Top chic office-ready maternity midi skirts for desk to dusk

Having an office-ready maternity midi skirt will seriously take the stress out of it all. Firstly, you’ll be well prepared for any bloating you might experience during the day, while knowing you still look great. Look for skirts that offer flexible waistbands and sleek designs that pair seamlessly with work blouses or jackets, ensuring you look and feel your best in the office.

Rib Knit Skirt Khaki
Credit: Seraphine

Rib Knit Skirt Khaki

Best casual weekend maternity midi skirts for relaxed charm

Set aside your fave casual weekend maternity midi skirts. Ideal for leisurely days out or cozy gatherings, these skirts blend comfort with casual style. Featuring soft, stretchable fabrics and chic designs, they ensure you stay comfortable and stylish throughout the weekend.

Olive Leaf Print Side Slit Maternity Midi Skirt
Credit: PinkBlush Maternity

Olive Leaf Print Side Slit Maternity Midi Skirt

Best beach getaway maternity midi skirts for a seaside glow

Embrace your seaside glow with breathtaking beach getaway maternity midi skirts. Crafted for comfort and style by the water, these skirts feature light, airy fabrics and flowy designs perfect for a walk on the beach or a casual seaside lunch. Their easy-to-wear style ensures you stay cool and chic under the sun.

Straight Midi Skirt Mushroom Png
Credit: Soon Maternity

Straight Midi Skirt Mushroom Png

Cutest floral maternity midi skirts

Floral maternity skirts are perfect for adding a splash of color and romance to your maternity wardrobe. Keep it looking modern and elevated and avoid that dowdy look with a block color tee or tank.

Kara Mesh Skirt Navy
Credit: Ripe Maternity

Kara Mesh Skirt Navy

Top casual weekend maternity midi skirts for relaxed charm

Discover relaxed charm with the most stunning casual weekend maternity midi skirts. Ideal for leisurely days out or easy brunches, these skirts blend comfort with casual style. Throw on a tank, some Birkenstocks or Sambas and you’re done.

Olive Suede Pleated Maternity Midi Skirt
Credit: PinkBlush Maternity

Olive Suede Pleated Maternity Midi Skirt

Top cozy winter warmth maternity midi skirts for chilly days

Keep cozy on chilly days with our top cozy winter warmth maternity midi skirts. Designed with thicker fabrics to keep you warm, these skirts pair perfectly with tights and boots for a snug, stylish ensemble. Whether heading to the office or out for a casual meeting, these skirts ensure warmth and style go hand-in-hand. Add a bit of interest with a side split.

Olive Ribbed Side Slit Maternity Midi Skirt
Credit: PinkBlush Maternity

Olive Ribbed Side Slit Maternity Midi Skirt

What clothes flatter a big tummy?

When it comes to flattering a big tummy, the key is to choose clothes that offer comfort while enhancing your silhouette. For maternity midi skirts, look for styles that have a high waistband and are made from stretchy, forgiving fabrics. These can gently support your bump without squeezing, allowing the skirt to flow beautifully over your figure. Empire waistlines or wrap styles are particularly flattering, as they define the area under the bust and gracefully drape over the stomach.

Additionally, opt for midi skirts with strategic ruching or gathering at the sides; these details can camouflage the belly area effectively. Pairing your skirt with a tailored top or a blouse that features peplum or an asymmetrical hem can also balance out your proportions, making your tummy appear less pronounced. Remember, the goal is to dress comfortably and confidently, embracing the beauty of your changing body.

How do you dress a mom pooch?

Dressing a mom pooch involves choosing garments that flatter your post-baby body while offering comfort and support. Maternity midi skirts are an excellent choice as they can be worn both during and after pregnancy. Look for skirts with a flexible waistband that sits comfortably over or just below the pooch, avoiding anything too tight or restrictive. A skirt with a slightly flared or A-line silhouette can gracefully skim over the pooch, creating a smooth line and offering a flattering fit.

Layering is a useful styling trick; a longer top or tunic that drapes gently over the midsection can conceal a mom pooch effectively. Fabrics with a bit of stretch or ruching at the waist can accommodate and minimize the appearance of a pooch. Confidence in your clothing choice is key. Select pieces that make you feel good about your appearance and embrace the incredible journey your body has been through.

Can I wear tight skirts during pregnancy?

While comfort and health should always be the top priorities during pregnancy, wearing slightly fitted skirts is generally safe, especially if they’re designed for maternity wear. These skirts are often made with stretchy, breathable fabrics that can accommodate your growing bump without restricting blood flow or causing discomfort. However, it’s important to choose maternity midi skirts that offer flexibility and support. Opt for those with adjustable waistbands or those made from soft, stretchy materials that grow with you throughout your pregnancy. Listen to your body; if you feel any discomfort, it might be time to switch to a more relaxed fit.

Consider the fabric and cut of the skirt carefully. Avoid non-maternity tight skirts as they may not provide the necessary comfort or support and could potentially constrict areas of your body as it changes. Embracing maternity-specific options ensures you and your baby’s comfort and health are kept at the forefront.

What should I wear at 8 months pregnant?

By the time you reach 8 months pregnant, comfort becomes paramount as your body continues to change. Maternity midi skirts are an excellent choice for this stage of pregnancy, offering both style and comfort. Look for skirts with plenty of stretch and support, ideally with a high, elastic waistband that can sit comfortably over your bump or adjust to sit beneath it, depending on what feels best for you. Fabrics that offer breathability and stretch, like jersey or cotton blends, can provide comfort and accommodate your growing belly.

Pair these skirts with maternity tops that offer easy access for nursing if you plan to breastfeed, making your wardrobe more versatile for post-pregnancy as well. Additionally, supportive footwear and breathable fabrics can help manage common pregnancy discomforts like swelling and overheating. Remember, the focus is on feeling good in your clothes, so choose pieces that make you feel confident and comfortable.

How do you wear a high waisted skirt when pregnant?

High-waisted skirts can be a stylish and comfortable option during pregnancy, especially when chosen and styled thoughtfully. For maternity wear, look for high-waisted maternity midi skirts designed specifically for pregnant women, which will offer more room and support for your growing bump. These skirts usually feature stretchable materials and adjustable waistbands that can accommodate your body’s changes throughout pregnancy. The high waist can provide gentle support to the belly and can be styled with tucked-in maternity tops or blouses to define your bump and create a flattering silhouette.

Accessorizing with a belt just above the belly can also add an elegant touch and further accentuate your bump. Choose lightweight, breathable fabrics to keep you comfortable and cool. Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or putting together a casual look, high-waisted maternity midi skirts offer versatility and style that can adapt to your changing figure.

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