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Best maternity casual pants reviewed for everyday elegance


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Discovering the perfect maternity casual pants can take a huge weight off your shoulders as you navigate pregnancy dressing. The most important thing is that you’re comfortable and that you’ve got room to grow. Then, naturally, you’ll want to make sure you have a style that suits you and, finally, options for post baby too. Here are the best rated pants for maternity and postpartum by our community.


What are the different maternity pant styles?

Maternity casual pants come in a range of different style. You can find over-the-belly options, which are better for second to third trimester when your bump is more pronounced, as well as regular brands that can be adjusted for pregnancy and easily worn after baby.

Look for adjustable waistbands, stretchy belly panels, and chic joggers that can elevate your casual wardrobe to a level of unparalleled comfort and style when it comes to maternity casual pants.

Here are our top picks for every maternity mood

Top chic over-the-belly maternity trousers

Discover the epitome of comfort meets style our selection of over-the-belly maternity trousers. These pieces are designed to provide a snug, secure fit over your bump, ensuring that you feel supported and fabulous throughout your day.

Mama crop pants Black
Credit: H&M

Mama crop pants Black

Most elegant under-belly chinos for prenatal ease

Grace your wardrobe with elegant under-belly chinos, perfectly tailored to sit comfortably below your growing bump while offering a sophisticated silhouette for any occasion.

Maternity Rollover-Waist Wide-Leg Chino Pants Desert Floor
Credit: Old Navy

Maternity Rollover-Waist Wide-Leg Chino Pants Desert Floor

Best joggers for flexible comfort

These joggers combine effortless style with the ultimate in flexible comfort, ideal for those days when you crave both relaxation and chicness.

Easiest wide-leg pants for a breezy look

Embrace a look that’s as radiant as you are with our top picks for wide-leg maternity pants, offering a breezy and beautiful aesthetic that moves with you.

Maternity Lifestyle Wide Leg Pants Black
Credit: Angel Maternity

Maternity Lifestyle Wide Leg Pants Black

Most alluring palazzo pants for a glamorous touch

Add a glamorous touch to your maternity attire with these palazzo pants, designed in on trend colors while being incredibly comfortable.

Olive Smocked Waist Flowy Maternity Pants
Credit: PinkBlush Maternity

Olive Smocked Waist Flowy Maternity Pants

Leggings for everyday versatility

These flared maternity leggings are a testament to everyday versatility that’s totally on trend for 2024.

7/8 Maternity Leggings - Black
Credit: emamaco

7/8 Maternity Leggings – Black

Sleekest maternity skinny jeans for chic comfort

These flattering skinny jeans redefine maternity chic and at a brilliant price, offering a snug yet stretchable fit that highlights your silhouette while accommodating your baby bump with ease.

Isla Jegging Washed Back
Credit: Ripe Maternity

Isla Jegging Washed Back

Best maternity capris for a playful charm

Infuse a playful charm into your maternity style with these versatile capris, tailored for the mom-to-be who loves to combine fun with functionality. Perfect for work or play!

Coolest maternity linen trousers

Experience cool comfort in beautiful linen maternity trousers, perfect for those warmer days when breathability and elegance are your top priorities.

Asos design maternity linen pull-on pants in off white
Credit: Asos

Asos design maternity linen pull-on pants in off white

Stylish cropped pants for a sleek edge

Add a sleek edge to your maternity ensemble with these stylish cropped pants, offering a modern cut that’s as stylish as it is accommodating.

Straight-leg trousers for poised elegance

These elevated straight-leg trousers bring poised elegance to your maternity wardrobe and a neutral tone for every season to keep you looking polished and feeling comfortable at every stage.

Coolest cargo pants for adventurous spirits

For the adventurous spirit, these stylish maternity cargo pants offer a combination of utility and comfort, giving you the freedom to stay active and elevated.

Black Fleece Cargo Maternity Sweatpants
Credit: PinkBlush Maternity

Black Fleece Cargo Maternity Sweatpants

Comfiest maternity sweatpants for ultimate relaxation

Experience ultimate relaxation with Alo’s comfy and stylish maternity sweatpants, the go-to choice for those laid-back days without compromising on that comfy fit.

Accolade Sweatpant Bone
Credit: Alo

Accolade Sweatpant Bone

Zen yoga pants for the active mama

For the active mama, these are the best maternity yoga pants offering the perfect blend of stretch and support, ensuring you stay comfortable during your prenatal workouts or while simply running errands.

Lululemon Align™ High-Rise Pant 28" Black
Credit: lululemon

Lululemon Align™ High-Rise Pant 28″ Black

Lush soft knit pants for cozy days in

For those cozy days in, these modal pants are a dream, providing the softest touch against your skin while still giving you the freedom to move or lounge with ease.

Georgina Knit Pants Navy
Credit: Nom Maternity

Georgina Knit Pants Navy

MS Choice: Ultimate luxurious lmaternity casual pants for your pregnancy and postpartum

Experience ultimate pregnancy leisure with Boob’s beautiful lounge pants, specifically designed to give you a luxury lounging experience while adapting to your changing shape.

Maternity Lounge Pants Black
Credit: Boob Design

Maternity Lounge Pants Black

Mama Choice Badge

Cropped leggings for sporty chic

Blend sporty chic with prenatal comfort with these bamboo cropped leggings, ideal for the active mama-to-be who wants to keep fit while looking effortlessly stylish.

Crop Leggings, Black
Credit: Boody

Crop Leggings, Black

Best smocked waist pants for flexible fitting

Enjoy the flexible fitting of one of our most loved smocked waist maternity pants, designed to grow with you, ensuring a snug yet comfortable shape for your bump.

Sage Smocked Waist Wide Leg Linen Maternity Pants Blue
Credit: PinkBlush Maternity

Sage Smocked Waist Wide Leg Linen Maternity Pants Blue

Best ever boyfriend jeans for anytime style

These super comfortable boyfriend jeans add a casual flair to your maternity wardrobe, offering a relaxed fit that’s perfect for everyday wear without sacrificing style.

Drawstring linen pants for a light and airy feel

Experience a light and airy feel with drawstring linen maternity casual pants, providing a breathable option for those balmy days while keeping you on trend but so comfortable at the same time.

Straight Leg Linen Pants Black
Credit: Soon Maternity

Straight Leg Linen Pants Black

Comfortable twill pants jumpsuit for smart-casual moments

Find the perfect balance between comfort and a polished look with this comfortable twill maternity pant jumpsuit. These maternity casual pants offer a smart-casual option that grows with you, ensuring a snug yet flexible fit at every stage of your pregnancy.

Lily Feeding Jumpsuit Mushroom
Credit: Soon Maternity

Lily Feeding Jumpsuit Mushroom

Ribbed Maternity Jumpsuit Black
Credit: Boob Design

Ribbed Maternity Jumpsuit Black

Cosiest maternity corduroy pants for chilly days

Embrace the cooler days of your pregnancy journey with this cozy maternity corduroy pants jumpsuit. The classic texture offers both warmth and style, ensuring you stay comfortable and chic as you await your little one’s arrival.

Mama Corduroy Overalls Navy Blue
Credit: H&M

Mama Corduroy Overalls Navy Blue

Most flattering plus-size maternity casual pants for curvy comfort

These flattering plus-size maternity pants celebrates curvy comfort at its best. Designed to fit beautifully on all body types, these pants ensure that every mama can feel confident and comfortable in the most stylish loungewear fits. You can find more plus size pants here.

Curve Maternity Lounge Pants - Twin Pack Grey/Blk
Credit: Seraphine

Curve Maternity Lounge Pants – Twin Pack Grey/Blk

What month do you start wearing maternity pants?

The journey into maternity wear is a personal one, with many mothers-to-be starting to wear maternity pants at different stages. Typically, the transition occurs between the third and fourth months, when traditional pants start to feel snug. However, with the most exquisite maternity pants offering expandable waistbands and a comfortable fit, you may find yourself reaching for them sooner, basking in the blend of style and comfort they provide.

It’s all about listening to your body and embracing the changes. As you notice your regular pants becoming less forgiving, it’s a sign to explore the world of maternity wear. Whether you’re at the 12-week mark or a bit further along, there’s a pair of maternity pants waiting to make your pregnancy journey as comfortable as it is stylish.

How do you dress a belly pooch?

Dressing a belly pooch elegantly involves choosing maternity pants that offer support without constriction. Look for styles with built-in belly bands or adjustable waistbands. Opt for tops that drape flatteringly over your midsection or incorporate ruching, which can camouflage while still celebrating your bump.

Additionally, consider layering as a strategic way to dress your belly. A long, open cardigan or a blazer can create a vertical line, which has a lengthening effect, while a scarf or a statement necklace can draw the eye upwards. Embracing patterns and textures can also be a fun way to play with proportion and distract from areas you may feel self-conscious about. Remember, comfort and confidence in your clothing are paramount, and the right outfit can help accentuate your beautiful, evolving shape.

What’s the difference between maternity pants and regular pants?

The difference between maternity pants and regular pants lies in the design. Maternity pants are crafted with stretchy fabrics and waistbands to accommodate a growing bump and ensure comfort throughout your pregnancy. Regular pants, on the other hand, do not offer the same flexibility and can become uncomfortable as your body changes.

Furthermore, maternity pants often come with features such as seamless panels, supportive pockets, and extra layers around the belly for added support and discretion. These design elements are specifically created to cater to the needs of pregnant women, allowing for growth and providing comfort during activities such as bending and sitting, which can become increasingly challenging as the pregnancy progresses.

How many pairs of maternity pants do you need?

The number of maternity pants needed varies based on your lifestyle and laundry routine. A practical wardrobe might include at least three to five pairs of versatile maternity pants that can be mixed and matched with different tops, ensuring you have comfortable options for every day of the week.

When considering how many pairs to purchase, also think about your week. If you work in an office, you might need more dressy options. If you’re home or exercising frequently, comfortable, casual styles might be your go-to. It’s also worth investing in a pair or two for special occasions. Ultimately, aim for a capsule maternity wardrobe that covers all bases: comfort, style, and functionality, without excess.

What can I wear instead of jeans during pregnancy?

When jeans begin to feel snug, there are numerous stylish alternatives to turn to. Maternity leggings, for instance, offer unparalleled comfort and pair well with long tunics or sweaters. Another fantastic option is maternity joggers, which are not only comfortable but also on-trend and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The key is to look for pants with stretchy waistbands or soft, expandable materials that provide comfort for your growing belly.

For those who prefer a more structured look, maternity palazzo pants or a well-fitted pair of stretchable twill pants can be great substitutes for jeans. These pieces allow for flexibility and movement while still maintaining a polished appearance. And for warmer climates or seasons, consider breezy maternity dresses or skirts, which offer ventilation and ease of wear while providing the space and comfort your body needs.

How to maintain a stylish wardrobe during pregnancy?

Maintaining a stylish wardrobe during pregnancy can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be. The key is to select versatile basics that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits. Invest in quality maternity pieces that can serve as wardrobe staples, like a great pair of maternity jeans, black leggings, and a few stretchy dresses. These can be layered with jackets, cardigans, or scarves to add a pop of personality and change up the look. Consider also a capsule maternity wardrobe, focusing on a limited number of pieces that are easily interchangeable.

Embrace accessories to diversify your outfits and add flair without discomfort. A statement necklace, for example, can transform a basic tee into a chic ensemble. Finally, don’t underestimate the power of footwear. While comfort is key, a stylish pair of flats or supportive wedges can elevate any outfit and keep you feeling put-together and fashionable throughout your pregnancy.

What are the best fabrics for pregnancy pants?

The best fabrics for maternity pants are those that offer stretch and breathability to accommodate your changing bump. Look for natural fibers like cotton and modal, which are soft and gentle on the skin, allowing for air circulation and minimizing irritation. Many maternity pants blend these fibers with a bit of spandex or elastane to provide the necessary stretch and return to shape after wear. These materials are ideal for everyday wear, as they offer the perfect balance of comfort and flexibility.

For dressier occasions, ponte knit is a fantastic option. It’s a double-knit fabric construction that’s thicker than jersey, offering a smooth look that’s still flexible and comfortable. Linen is also a great choice for warmer weather, thanks to its lightweight and breathable qualities. When shopping for maternity pants, always check the fabric content and consider the season and your lifestyle to ensure you find the best fit for your needs.

Can maternity pants be fashionable and functional?

Absolutely! Maternity pants have come a long way in terms of style, with many options now available that are both fashionable and functional. Designers understand the need for pants that look great and cater to the comfort required during pregnancy. From chic joggers and stylish leggings to sophisticated trousers and trendy jeans, there is a wide array of options that allow you to maintain your personal style while accommodating your growing bump.

Functionality comes from features like over-the-bump bands for support, adjustable waistbands for a perfect fit, and high-quality, stretchy fabrics that move with you. Fashion enters with the variety of cuts, colors, and patterns that can be paired with your favorite maternity tops to create outfits that are as unique and stylish as you are.

How do I choose the right size in maternity pants?

Choosing the right size in maternity pants can be simpler than you think. Most maternity clothing is designed to fit your pre-pregnancy size, so you don’t necessarily need to go up a size when purchasing. These clothes are made with extra space and stretch to accommodate your growing belly and body changes. Always try on maternity pants to ensure they fit comfortably around the waist and hips, and check that there’s enough room for growth but not so much that they’re baggy or falling down.

Read size guides and product reviews for specific brands online before you buy, as sizing can vary. When shopping online, look for stores with good return policies so you can exchange sizes if needed. Remember, the goal is to find pants that you can grow into but aren’t overly large from the start, ensuring comfort and a flattering fit throughout your pregnancy.

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