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Best maternity bridesmaid dress options


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So you’ve got the call from your beautiful bride – you’re going to be a bridesmaid! It’s one of the biggest honours in any girl group and so much fun. The only spanner in the works? You’re pregnant. Now, depending how far along you are, you’ll need to plan for some outfit adjustments. Here we go through a few of our favourite dresses for pregnant bridesmaids

This can also be a handy guide for brides looking to plan their bridesmaids outfits and make sure they’re catering to any pregnant bridesmaids. Get inspired by palettes, fabrics and styles here and rest assured that all these dresses work well for both preggo and non pregnant women. 

What dress type is better for pregnant bridesmaids?

Pregnant bridesmaids can suit a wider range of dresses than you might think. Especially given the trends towards bridal parties not necessarily looking identical, but rather having some element of consistency. The days of brides custom making gowns for their ladies seem to be over thanks to the gorgeous affordable dresses out there and the move towards more interesting themes. These could include:  

– Sharing the same palette but choosing dresses that suit the individual

– All bridesmaids wearing a certain type of material while the bride wears another. Think: floral or lace while the bride wears silk

– All wearing the same colours and brand of dress but in different styles

At the end of the day, it’s the bride’s day so it’s important to fit in with her theme, but not at the expense of comfort or health. There are so many stunning options out there that you can play with. 


The most popular materials for pregnant bridesmaid dresses include chiffon, lace satin, and even taffeta and silk, which are staples in some cultural traditions. 


Finding the perfect dress for a pregnant bridesmaid doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With so many options available, you’re sure to find one that makes you feel amazing and beautiful. 

Here are a few popular styles to keep in mind when dressing the bump for a big day:

A-line: A timeless and flattering silhouette, the A-line dress is a great choice for expectant mothers who want comfort and style.

V-neck: Show off your beautiful baby bump and decolletage in a v-neck dress. These dresses offer a chic and spacious look for expanding bellies and draw attention to your collarbones and neck area. 

Plus-size: No matter your shape or size, you can find a bridesmaid dress that flatters your figure with the many plus-size options available, often in the exact same make and style. Check out our lists below!

Round neck: A round neck dress provides a classic and elegant appearance, perfect for a wedding day. Just make sure the waist isn’t nipped or zipped too tightly. 

Sleeveless: Stay cool and comfortable on the big day with a sleeveless bridesmaid dress.

Maternity: You can have the best of both worlds with a specific maternity bridesmaid dress like the ones below from ASOS. These dresses are specifically designed with mamas in mind, ensuring comfort and style around the bump area. 

Unlined: A timeless option for bridesmaids, unlined dresses are also a fantastic option for expectant mothers. Again, check for zips. The tie-back one from Shona Joy shown below is a good example of an unlined bridesmaid dress that will work well for pregnancy. 

Boat neck: A traditional choice, boat neck dresses are wonderful for pregnant bridesmaids.

One shoulder: If you’re looking for something a little more unique, consider a one shoulder bridesmaid dress.

Have a chat with your bride and see what you can do to make yourself as comfortable and confident in your dress, so you can focus less on what you’re wearing and more on the day itself. 


Brides, picking the perfect shade for your bridesmaids’ dresses is important, as it can set the tone for your entire wedding day. There are so many stylish options to choose from, so don’t be afraid to get creative! This year, some of the most popular colours include:

Black – Timeless and chic, black looks good on everyone and adds a touch of sophistication.

Emerald Green – A bold and vibrant colour that will add a pop of glamour to your big day.

Champagne – This warm and elegant shade will complement any skin tone and blend beautifully with other colours.

Gold – Opulent and glitzy, gold is perfect for a luxe and glamorous wedding.

Sage Green – A fresh and lively colour that’s perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

Navy – Classic and refined, navy is a versatile colour that goes with just about everything.

Pink – From soft and romantic to bold and playful, pink comes in so many shades. No matter what hue you choose, it’s a great way to add a pop of colour to your bridesmaids’ outfits.

White – A daring take on tradition, the all-white bridesmaids dresses have been in vogue over the last few months. Whether the bride wears a different style to everyone else or you play with textures instead, this trend makes for a fabulous photo and will be sure to stand out from the crowd.

When choosing your colour, think about how it will complement your overall wedding theme and the skin tone of your bridesmaids. Have fun with it, and choose a shade that you love.

Best brands to shop for maternity bridesmaid dresses

Show me your Mumu 

We are obsessed with this brand for affordable and stylish maternity dresses. Obsessed. Show Me Your Mumu has a huge range of on-trend maternity wear, including an entire section for bridesmaids that we absolutely love. The quality is great, fit is perfect and we love the brand. 

Esther & Co

Esther & Co. offers a diverse range of timeless dresses for women in sizes 6 to 20. Among their beautiful collection, the bridesmaid section stands out, featuring dresses that are the perfect fit for your bridesmaids, including expectant mothers.

Tiffany Rose

Tiffany Rose is a beloved British brand that specializes in creating high-end maternity occasion wear and wedding dresses exclusively for pregnant women. Their stunning collection is dedicated to making expectant mothers feel extraordinary during formal events, which are likely to occur at some point during pregnancy. After all, pregnancy lasts for nearly a year!

Best bridesmaid dresses for pregnant women

Regular bridesmaid dress for pregnancy

The Nicole Maxi Dress has a timeless but simple shape with a flirty sleeve and an elastic empire band just below the bust to flatter all body types and a growing baby bump. It’s also a relaxed fit so you won’t feel constricted.

Nicole Maxi Dress Champagne Luxe Satin
Credit: Show Me Your Mumu

Nicole Maxi Dress Champagne Luxe Satin

Best plus size dress

With an elastic waist and sash, the Samantha Ruffle Wrap Dress gives you the flattering appearance of a wrap without the risk of it actually unwrapping. The back is high enough for a strapless bra and the hemline is perfect for showing off your fanciest (a=comfy?) heels.

Fit: Up to 3X

Samantha ruffle wrap dress Rose Gold Luxe Satin
Credit: Show Me Your Mumu

Samantha ruffle wrap dress Rose Gold Luxe Satin

Short sleeve maternity dress for bridesmaids

The Verona is the cowl-neck cowl-satin dress of your dreams. The bias cut makes this the ideal draping look, and it’s so flattering for any leg shape. This dress has crisscross back, cowl neck, and adjustable straps.

Verona cowl dress Dusty Purple Luxe Satin
Credit: Show Me Your Mumu

Verona cowl dress Dusty Purple Luxe Satin

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Credit: Show Me Your Mumu
Worldly Dress ~ Champagne Glitz Knit
Credit: Show Me Your Mumu

Worldly Dress ~ Champagne Glitz Knit

Long sleeve bridesmaid dress

Esther & Co’s classic silk-feel fabric has the luxurious sheen of silk without the hefty price tag. How stunning is the low neck?! We love the bishop arms, which are perfect if you want comfort as well as long sleeves.

Bryleigh dress - blush
Credit: Esther & Co

Bryleigh dress – blush

Best classic looking bridesmaid dress for wedding

With a classic halter-style neckline and a relaxed fit, this dress is perfect from bump to baby. Better still, the silhouette is stunning and suits every shape and size. The halter is especially unique and flattering. We love this in pink!

Luvinia dress - pink
Credit: Esther & Co

Luvinia dress – pink

Nursing friendly bridesmaid dress

A stunning stylish maxi dress has a surplice neck that makes nursing a breeze, a bump-friendly gathered waist, and soft jersey that shines as you sway across the room. It’s one of those pieces that are figure hugging but also conservative at the same time. 

Francesca maxi dress Blush - FMDB
Credit: Tiffany Rose Maternity

Francesca maxi dress Blush – FMDB

Most comfortable dress to wear as a bridesmaid

Flirty and elegant, this is by far the most comfortable dress. Secure bust? Check. Straps you don’t need to think about? Check. And empire waist with smocked elastic back panel for ultimate comfort.

June maxi dress Rich Navy Crisp
Credit: Show Me Your Mumu

June maxi dress Rich Navy Crisp

Affordable maternity bridesmaid dress​

A relaxed, easy boho vibe here for this super affordable bridesmaids dress. Perfect for any body shape this dress can be dressed up in a million different ways. 

Knot-Detail Dress Light Beige
Credit: H&M

Knot-Detail Dress Light Beige

Best sparkly bridesmaids dress for wedding

It may be the bride’s day but you’ll sparkle up a storm in this stunner. As the product details say, “All other dresses can go home.” Wrap your bump like the gift it is in this tie waist long sleeve sequinned gem of a maternity bridesmaid’s dress.

Maddison Dress Platinum Sequins
Credit: Show Me Your Mumu

Maddison Dress Platinum Sequins

More FAQs about maternity bridesmade dresses

How to order a bridesmaid dress when pregnant?

It really depends how far out the wedding is. 

If you’re part of a set plan where dresses are getting made for you, check out sizing below in the next question.

If you get to pick your own dress:

– You could do your desktop research and then place an online order three weeks out to give you enough time to return anything that doesn’t fit within the returns window. 

– Check the sizing chart and if you can size up. 

– If possible, go for something stretchy or with a tie waist. If that’s not possible, then aim for a size or two above what you normally take

What size bridesmaid dress should I order if I’m pregnant?

If you’re expecting a little bundle of joy soon, don’t worry – finding the perfect bridesmaid dress while pregnant is achievable! Here’s a handy guide to help you determine the right size:

  • If your due date is coming up within the next 2-3 months before the wedding, it’s a good idea to order one size up from your current size to ensure that the dress fits comfortably after the baby is born.
  • If you’ll be around 3-4 months pregnant on the big day, go for one size up from your usual size to accommodate for your growing belly.
  • If you’re expecting to be around 5-6 months along at the wedding, ordering two sizes up from your normal size will provide you with a comfortable fit.
  • If you’re due to be 7 or more months pregnant on the big day, it’s best to order at least two sizes up from your usual size to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your dress.

Remember, comfort is key!

What if the dress doesn’t fit close to the wedding date?

Sometimes this happens. And that’s OK. Have a chat with the bride and see if it’s possible to get the dress altered. Ultimately, the health and safety of you and the baby are key. If you’re in a real bind and the dress is not doing up at all, you have every right to ask to wear your own dress. If you can, find something affordable and off the shelf that does up, covers your bump and lets you feel cool and comfortable for the day. Your bride will understand. 

How to accessorize my bridesmaid dress for a stunning look?

Find a stunning pair of shoes you absolutely love. Whether you’re splashing out on designer heels (we recommend Loeffler Randalls or Jimmy Choo), or having some fun with Zara’s latest pair, find something that makes you feel amazing. Next, make sure you get your makeup done just right – this all adds to the confidence factor. Finally, choose some beautiful simple earrings and bracelet to bring your outfit to life. You want to feel amazing just as much as look it. 

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