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Best maternity baby shower

Best baby shower maternity dresses: Your guide to celebrating like the star you are.


What is a baby shower maternity dress?

A baby shower maternity dress is specifically designed to help you, mama, celebrate like the star of the show – before your little star arrives, that is. Designed to highlight your bump so you can hold it in your photos (you know what I mean), these dresses make all the difference in helping you feel absolutely amazing at your baby shower. Mamas are wearing anything from chic bodycon to shirt dresses for a casual vibe. The main thing is finding a look you love that will help you feel incredible on the day as you celebrate with your besties.. Read on to discover our curated list of the most radiant baby shower maternity dresses you’ll absolutely love.

Our breathtaking picks for every mama-to-be

The most elegant baby shower maxi dress

Maxi dresses are an exquisite choice for your baby shower, combining both comfort and grace. These dresses flow effortlessly from the waist down, providing ample room for your growing belly. Minimalism is very in and formless but flattering is the name of this game.

Luisa Strapless Maxi Dress - Sand
Credit: Meshki

Luisa Strapless Maxi Dress – Sand

Top chic midi dresses

For a balance between elegance and fun, midi dresses offer the perfect length that sit above the ankles but below the knee. They are particularly flattering and provide an elongated look to your profile.

Neve Off-The-Shoulder Ribbed Cotton-Blend Midi Dress Blue

Neve Off-The-Shoulder Ribbed Cotton-Blend Midi Dress Blue

Glorious baby shower floral dresses

Floral dresses offer a touch of whimsy and romance, ideal for outdoor or springtime baby showers. The vibrant patterns will definitely make you the star of the event.

Beldanne Dress - Multi Floral
Credit: Esther & Co

Beldanne Dress – Multi Floral

Most captivating maternity maxi dresses for your baby shower

Maternity maxi dresses are a divine choice for baby showers. Maxi dresses maximimize comfort because honestly? You don’t need to worry about much! Choose from various colors and patterns to celebrate this joyful occasion in style. We love a gorgeous crisp white for summer days.

Oasis Midi Dress White
Credit: Show Me Your Mumu

Oasis Midi Dress White

Elegant formfitting bodycon dresses

For the moms-to-be who love to flaunt their baby bump, bodycon dresses are a vibe. Made from stretchy materials, they provide enough flexibility while hugging your curves, making you feel both sexy and comfortable during your baby shower. Go for a capped sleeve for a bit of a demure angle to the look.

Roxanne Black Ruched Bardot Maternity Midi Dress
Credit: Club L London

Roxanne Black Ruched Bardot Maternity Midi Dress

Cold-shoulder dresses for an elevated look

Cold-shoulder maternity dresses offer a romantic and dreamy look that’s perfect for your baby shower. They let you showcase a little skin while focusing attention on your radiant face and beautiful shoulders. Cold-shoulder dresses are a fantastic way to blend sophistication with modesty.

Odelia Mocha Maternity Midi Dress With Asymmetric Sleeve And Side Split
Credit: Club L London

Odelia Mocha Maternity Midi Dress With Asymmetric Sleeve And Side Split

Sensational wrap dresses for effortless style

Wrap dresses are flattering for almost every body type and a baby bump fave for good reason. They’re easy to adjust, so you can tailor the fit according to your comfort plus the style highlights your bump while being universally flattering.

Relaxed Pleated Detail Wrap Dress Bright Red
Credit: & Other Stories

Relaxed Pleated Detail Wrap Dress Bright Red

Boho-chic maternity dresses for a free-spirited celebration

Boho-chic maternity dresses are ideal for an outdoor or garden baby shower. These dresses often come in earthy tones and feature unique patterns, embroidery, or lace. Embrace your relaxed, free-spirited vibe while keeping you and your baby bump looking fabulous.

High-low dresses for a playful yet elegant look

High-low dresses offer a unique hemline that is shorter at the front and longer at the back. This design not only adds a playful touch but also offers the elegance of a long dress. It’s a whimsical yet sophisticated option for your baby shower.

Fleur strapless dress - pink
Credit: Esther & Co

Fleur strapless dress – pink

Off shoulder dresses to beat the heat in style

Perfect for summer baby showers or warm indoor settings, strapless off shoulder dresses are a fun and easy way to show off your decolletage and your bump. We love the Lana, part of the latest drop from Soon Maternity.

Lana Strapless Dress White
Credit: Soon Maternity

Lana Strapless Dress White

Ruched dresses to highlight your beautiful bump

Ruched maternity dresses are designed to beautifully embrace your baby bump. The ruching technique gathers fabric on the sides, allowing for extra stretch and comfort for every bump size.

PinkBlush Light Blue Ruched One Shoulder Maternity Dress
Credit: PinkBlush Maternity

PinkBlush Light Blue Ruched One Shoulder Maternity Dress

Maternity shirt dresses for a casual and versatile look

Maternity shirt dresses offer a relaxed yet polished look. These dresses are a fantastic choice if you’re going for a more casual baby shower, where you can use jewelry to accessorise. The best part? You can easily wear again and again well into the future.

Melanie Frill Dress White
Credit: Soon Maternity

Melanie Frill Dress White

Empire waist dresses to showcase your glowing silhouette

Empire waist dresses fit below the bust, giving a high-waisted appearance. This style is incredibly flattering for pregnant women, as it allows for comfort and mobility while accentuating your beautiful baby bump.

Asos Design Maternity Exclusive Pleated Midi Dress With Kimono Sleeve And Tie Waist Rose
Credit: Asos

Asos Design Maternity Exclusive Pleated Midi Dress With Kimono Sleeve And Tie Waist Rose

Jersey knit dresses for ultimate comfort

If comfort is your top priority, look no further than jersey knit maternity dresses. The stretchy fabric is forgiving as it drapes over your bump, offering both style and comfort. Perfect for a laid-back baby shower, or dialling things up with heels, this dress type ensures you can celebrate without any discomfort.

Krissy Midi Twist Halter Jersey Dress - Arctic Blue
Credit: Meshki

Krissy Midi Twist Halter Jersey Dress – Arctic Blue

Wrap-style maternity dresses for an adjustable fit

Wrap-style mini dresses offer an adjustable fit, which can be a lifesaver during pregnancy. The tie-waist allows you to control the tightness, providing an option that grows with you. These dresses are not only practical but also ooze sophistication

Blossoming Silver Maternity Wrap Front Sequin Mini Dress
Credit: Club L London

Blossoming Silver Maternity Wrap Front Sequin Mini Dress

Plus-size maternity dresses for uncompromising style

Being plus-size doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style, especially during this special time. Plus-size maternity dresses are designed with both comfort and fashion in mind, ensuring your curves are celebrated.

Soft sculpt midi dress Indigo
Credit: Good American

Soft sculpt midi dress Indigo

Best chiffon maternity dress for easy breezy style

Chiffon is a good choice for when you need a maternity dress that will hold its form, not wrinkle and suit warmer occasions. You can’t go past a subtle ruffle look like this one.

Jess Ruffle Midi Dress Black Chiffon
Credit: Show Me Your Mumu

Jess Ruffle Midi Dress Black Chiffon

Winter maternity dresses for a cozy affair

Winter baby showers call for a dress that’s both stylish and warm. Typically made from heavier fabrics these winter maternity dresses make you feel cozy and elegant, even when the temperature drops. Choose a bodycon fit when you want an oversized jacket to finish the look.

Beige Ribbed Fitted Mock Neck Long Sleeve Maternity Dress
Credit: PinkBlush Maternity

Beige Ribbed Fitted Mock Neck Long Sleeve Maternity Dress

Summer maternity dresses for sun-kissed celebrations

Summer maternity dresses are all about comfort and breathability. Usually made of lightweight materials like cotton or chiffon, these dresses are perfect for an outdoor or beachside baby shower, offering a carefree yet stylish look perfect for soaking up the sun.

Amore Dress White Poplin
Credit: Show Me Your Mumu

Amore Dress White Poplin

Autumn-themed maternity dresses for a harvest-style glow

When the leaves are falling, an autumn-themed maternity dress can add a warm and earthy feel to your celebration. Often featuring rich colors like burnt orange, deep red, and golden yellow, these dresses capture the essence of the season beautifully.

Mia Midi Dress Brown Gingham
Credit: Show Me Your Mumu

Mia Midi Dress Brown Gingham

What makes a maternity dress different?

A maternity dress differs from a regular dress in several key ways. First, it’s designed to accommodate your growing belly with features like ruching, stretchable fabric, and empire waists. These design elements ensure comfort and flexibility as your body changes.

Second, many maternity dresses offer functionality that you’ll appreciate long after the baby arrives, such as built-in nursing features, including zips, or stretchy material around your breasts. So, when you pick a maternity dress, you’re not just buying for the baby shower but investing in your comfort and convenience for months to come.

How to choose the perfect color for your baby shower dress

Color plays a significant role when picking out a maternity dress for a baby shower. Whether you’re going for a gender-reveal theme or prefer neutral tones, the color you choose can set the mood for the entire event. From calming pastels to vivid hues, there are countless options to consider. You want to choose a color that flatters you and helps you feel confident.

Many moms-to-be wonder whether it’s okay to wear black to a baby shower. While traditional colors like pink, blue, or yellow are popular, don’t feel restricted. A black dress can be equally fabulous. Remember – this is your day to celebrate!

When should you have your baby shower?

The timing of a baby shower often varies based on personal preferences and cultural traditions. Some moms-to-be choose to have their showers around the 6- or 7-month mark, while others might wait until 32 or 33 weeks. The key is to find a time when you feel comfortable and radiant, ensuring that your chosen maternity dress looks and feels great.

While some might consider 7 months too early or 38 weeks too late, it’s truly up to you and your comfort level. The most important thing is to choose a date that allows you to celebrate without stress or discomfort.

Should dads be involved in the baby shower?

The role of dads in baby showers has evolved over time. Traditionally, baby showers were women-only events, but modern celebrations often include dads, especially in what are known as “Jack and Jill” baby showers. If the dad-to-be is interested in participating, coordinating outfits can be a sweet way to celebrate together.

If you want to go the extra mile, dad could complement mama-to-be’s outfit. From matching color schemes to thematic elements, there are various ways to harmonize your looks while keeping each outfit distinct and suited to individual tastes.

What do guests generally wear to a baby shower?

While the mom-to-be is the star of the show, guests also often wonder what to wear to a baby shower. Generally, the attire is casual to semi-formal, depending on the venue and the host’s instructions. Whether it’s a sundress, a skirt and blouse, or even tailored jeans, guests aim for outfits that are comfortable yet celebratory. If someone is organizing your shower for you, they should let the guests know.

Guests should also consider the theme or color scheme of the baby shower when choosing their outfits. While there’s no strict rule against certain colors, it’s generally best to avoid stealing the spotlight from the expectant mama. She’s the star, remember.

Do you need to buy a special maternity dress for a baby shower?

While it’s a special occasion, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need a brand-new dress specifically for the baby shower. Many women find that they can wear a maternity dress they already own and feel just as fabulous. It all comes down to how you feel in the dress—comfort and confidence are key.

If you do opt for a new dress, consider how versatile it will be. Can you wear it to work or for a date night as well? A great maternity dress can serve multiple purposes, giving you more bang for your buck.

What are the best fabrics for maternity dresses?

Comfort is paramount, especially for an event where you’ll be the center of attention for several hours. Soft, breathable fabrics like cotton, jersey, or modal can be excellent choices. For a more luxurious feel, silk or satin are great but tend to be less forgiving and breathable.

Regardless of the material, look for a bit of stretch to accommodate your growing bump. Your comfort will shine through, making you look even more radiant on your special day.

What about plus-size maternity dresses for baby showers?

Finding a maternity dress that makes you feel gorgeous should be an inclusive affair, and luckily, many regular brands offer plus-size options that can easily extend to pregnancy. From empire waist styles that highlight your bust, to wrap dresses that offer adjustability, there are numerous styles designed to flatter a curvier figure. We recommend brands like Pinkblush, Good American, and Show Me Your Mumu. As with all maternity dresses, comfort is key. Make sure to try on a few different styles and sizes to find a fit that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

How to style your baby shower dress for different seasons

Depending on the season, the same dress can be styled in various ways to ensure you’re both comfortable and fashionable. For winter baby showers, consider adding an oversized coat and cashmere scarf. For a summer event, slides, low heels and sunglasses will keep you simply on point.

Remember, the focus is on celebrating you and your new arrival, so choose accessories that make you feel like the best version of yourself.

Should you go for a themed dress for the baby shower?

Themed dresses can add a whimsical touch to your baby shower celebration. If you’re having a nautical, floral, or even a boho-chic themed shower, your dress can serve as a centerpiece for the entire event’s aesthetic. However, this is entirely optional and often depends on your personal style and how invested you are in the theme of the baby shower.

If you do choose a themed outfit, consider its reusability. A dress that fits well within the theme but is versatile enough for other occasions might be a wise investment. Sometimes simple is better, but again… your choice, mama.

What length should your maternity dress be for a baby shower?

The length of your maternity dress for a baby shower really comes down to your own comfort and style preferences. Midi and maxi dresses offer a classic look with plenty of room for comfort. Shorter dresses can be charming and youthful but choose a length that allows you to move freely and comfortably.

Regardless of length, ensure that the dress provides enough coverage and support where you need it, particularly if the shower involves games or activities that require movement.

Navigating the etiquette and dress codes

When it comes to baby showers, etiquette and dress codes can sometimes feel like a maze. But fear not, mamas-to-be! Your choice in maternity dress can be both stylish and suitable for the occasion. Understanding the theme and setting of your baby shower can be a guiding star in your decision-making process.

The most important rule is to communicate with your host, if you’re not planning the baby shower yourself, about any dress code considerations. This ensures that you’ll feel radiant and comfortable, while also harmonizing with the event’s atmosphere.

Time of day and your dress choice

Is your baby shower a morning brunch or an evening affair? The time of day can certainly influence your maternity dress choice. Morning events often call for lighter fabrics and more casual styles, whereas evening showers might offer the chance to glam it up a bit.

Regardless of the hour, comfort is key. Keep in mind factors like temperature and venue, as a dress perfect for an indoor, air-conditioned space may not be the best choice for an outdoor summer bash.

Accessorizing your maternity dress

Accessories can elevate any outfit, and your baby shower maternity dress is no exception. Consider a beautiful statement necklace or some dazzling earrings to highlight your glowing face. Pair your dress with comfortable but chic shoes, as you’ll likely be on your feet mingling with guests.

Remember, the accessories should complement, not overpower, your dress. This is your day, mama, and the focus should be on you and your bebe!

Practicality and comfort in maternity wear

We can’t emphasize it any more – comfort is a must, especially during pregnancy. When choosing a maternity dress for your baby shower, look for breathable fabrics and a flexible fit. Make sure that you are comfortable from the outset and nothing is too tight.

Think about how you’ll feel after a few hours in the dress and choose something that won’t require constant adjustments. After all, this is a day to celebrate you and your new arrival, not to be tugging at an uncomfortable outfit.

Considering custom-made options

If you’re not finding the perfect off-the-rack option for your baby shower, why not consider a custom-made dress? This can be especially meaningful, creating a unique piece that can even be passed down as an heirloom.

Keep in mind that custom dresses often require more time and can be more costly. However, the benefit of having a dress tailored to your exact measurements and style preferences can make it worth the investment.

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