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The best wrinkle free fabrics for busy moms


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Whenever we talk to mamas about clothing and fabric specifically, there is an unspoken agreement when it comes to style on the run: no one has time to iron.

This is why we created a list of fabrics that don’t need to be ironed – hooray!

You’ll be surprised at just how quickly you can look effortlessly put together with these fabrics. Read on for inspo.

Check out these amazing wrinkle-free fabrics so you don’t have to iron


Along with its numerous benefits, such as softness, warmth, elasticity, and breathability, wool is typically wrinkle-free and returns to its original state – even after being folded (or left in a heap somewhere!) Some types of wool may require a bit of ironing depending on their thickness but very rarely. Wool does need a little bit of   special care though.

Wrinkle-resistant cotton

While cotton is our go-to fabric during pregnancy for many reasons, it can wrinkle, and we absolutely do not have the time or energy to iron—especially during those last months or if you already have kids to look after. Well, let me tell you that wrinkle-resistant cotton is a thing; it’s designed and treated with special solutions in the manufacturing process to be wrinkle-free. If you’re not sure from the label if it’s specifically wrinkle-free, look for cotton mixed with modal or spandex – even 5% of these fabrics can help your cotton piece spring back to life. No iron needed.


If you’re looking for a fabric that’s more breathable than cotton, you’re in the right place. Lyocell is a natural fabric, and it’s perfect for those summer days; it’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t stick to your skin. This fabric tends to wrinkle easily in the first wash, but it returns to its natural state the more you wash it. This is one of our favorite fabrics to wear during pregnancy.


Cashmere is luxurious, warm, and does not usually need ironing. We love it! If you find your cashmere piece has some unwanted wrinkles after being washed, the best thing to do is to hang it for it to return to its initial state. If you need to wear it yesterday, set your iron to the low setting and iron it from the inside out.


Although it depends on its thickness, the thicker your garment is, the less likely it is to need ironing. Some denim shirts might be thinner and require ironing after being washed, while tighter denim pieces might look just fine when worn.


Spandex has great elasticity and doesn’t wrinkle at all. It’s not great during pregnancy since it’s not very breathable. However, if you love those faux spandex leggings and plan to wear them for a night out, why not? Some mamas love spandex, but if you’re seeking breathable fabrics or a bit of a looser fit, check out lycocell instead.


Some of the benefits of Nylon are its durability, waterproofing, and affordability. Nylon is extremely wrinkle resistant and is usually used to make swimsuits, socks, and even bridal gowns. It’s not the most breathable fabric (yep, you’ve guessed it – there is sometimes a little tradeoff between breathability and needing to iron!) but it is very versatile.


Easy to clean, durable, and wrinkle-resistant, polyester isn’t always the bad guy. This fabric is commonly used, and it’s very affordable. Bear in mind, like any other fabric, it has its pros and cons.


What material is like linen but doesn’t wrinkle?

Ramie fabric is an eco-friendly material that is similar to linen and is resistant to shrinkage. The benefits of ramie fabric include durability, breathability, stain resistance, and high-temperature resistance.

Does chiffon need ironing?

Chiffon is a luxurious fabric that wrinkles easily after being washed, and it’s usually steam-ironed. If you own a beloved chiffon garment, make sure to check the cleaning instructions, as it might not be machine washable. Chiffon is frequently used to make wedding dresses, and the thicker the weave, the more prone it is to wrinkling.

How is cotton fabric made wrinkle-resistant?

There are different ways to make cotton fabric wrinkle resistant:

  • It can be blended with other synthetic non-shrinkage fabrics like polyester.
  • It can undergo an environmentally friendly wrinkle-resistant process. Typically, for this process, a hazardous substance called formaldehyde is used, which, according to the American Chemical Society (ACS), can leach from the clothing, making it harmful to both the environment and health of users. To make it a greener process, citric acid with xylitol can be used instead.

How do you unwrinkle clothes without heat?

According to Apartment Therapy, you can create a mixture of 1 cup of water, 1 tsp of hair conditioner, and 1 tsp of white vinegar. Put it in a spray bottle and proceed to spray it onto your clothes, then stretch them a bit until the wrinkles disappear.

If you are traveling and don’t have any of these items on hand, Real Simple advises putting a bit of bottled water in the wrinkle and proceeding to dry it with a hairdryer. It might be worth a try!

Here at The Mama Style we think that there’s only one thing better than ironing. And that’s not ironing at all.

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