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We’re in love with these 10 maternity photoshoot ideas


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Having a maternity photoshoot can be a special and stylish way to remember your pregnancy. The perfect time for maternity photos is somewhere between 26 and 34 weeks (7 or 8 months). During this time your bump will be fully showing and you won’t be too uncomfortable, hopefully. Your photo shoot is a great time to show off a stunning maternity dress and go a little out there with your fashion if you want to with gorgeous photoshoot outfits. Here are a few maternity photoshoot ideas to get you started.

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How to choose the right location and setting for your photoshoot?

Choosing the right location is crucial to creating beautiful memories. When thinking about photoshoot locations, aim for sentimental and special, after all this is your one chance to capture just how special you feel during this magical time.

There are three main options to think about when planning your location:


Think about using your own cozy home as the backdrop for your photos. Your house has the special advantage of creating a personal and intimate atmosphere to showcase your baby bump. And, it’s a great way to capture those “before and after” moments for your newborn photoshoot.

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The benefit of a studio is that it’s distraction-free and has exceptional lighting. Plus you might feel a little more wild and free being able to perform in a studio!

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An outdoor session is a great opportunity to connect with nature during what is the most natural and incredible experience on earth – having a little one! Whether it’s in a forest, beach or in a field, tap into your natural and wild self in the beauty of nature.

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Credit: @white_salt_photography

Amazing maternity photoshoot ideas

So you’ve decided to do a maternity shoot but are looking for inspiration. Here are a few photoshoot ideas to get you started.

  • Outdoors with flowers, trees, or fields where you can tap into nature
  • Incorporating meaningful props, like ultrasound pictures or baby shoes can be a creative twist on your traditional shoot
  • Having partner or family members involved for group shots
mama style couples maternity shoot
  • Doing an activity you enjoy, like reading a book or baking.
  • Using creative lighting and posing techniques for added effects
  • Shooting in black and white to add a timeless, glam touch
mama style maternity photoshoot studio
  • Including meaningful objects or locations that tell your story, like an heirloom or at a family home
  • Doing a “day in the life” theme with everyday activities – albeit with a beautiful bump
  • Using whimsical or dramatic costumes and accessories to play out your fantasies
  • Into animals and nature? Why not have your pets or animals involved in the photos.
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Credit: Lola Melani Photography

Creative photoshoot themes

Even the most demure mama might want to use this special moment to tap into unique maternity photoshoot concepts. From the corporate 9-5 professional who dreams of a fairy tale pregnancy, to vintage or boho looks, there are stylish options for indulging yourself during this special time.

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Mix of colour and patterns

While the best colours for maternity shoots tend to lean towards more muted tones, vibrant colours can really add a new dimension to the shoot. You do want to stay away from patterns if possible and keep colours blocked and bright.

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Credit: Collection Paloma

Cultural or traditional clothing

Motherhood and maternity play an essential role in just about every culture. Many women cherish this time to pay homage to their background with cultural or traditional clothing. It can be incredibly special and meaningful to look back on this.

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Credit: Mommyshotsbyamrita

Meaningful props

You can include meaningful objects and special mementos in your maternity shoot ideas. Whether it’s to remind you of someone passed, or to remember a special time or place, reflecting back on your photos can be even more special when you include meaningful props.

Perhaps you’re a musician, or into a certain type of art or flower. Why not choose to include a nod to your passion in your shoot? Chances are, your little one will soon get to know you for who you are so why not celebrate this.

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Credit: Roxanab photography

Outdoor photoshoot

If you’re considering an outdoor maternity photoshoot, you could look at having it at a park, beach or garden. Nature shots are very special and can really speak to who you are as a mother or couple. If you grew up on a beach for example, it’s very sentimental to choose a beach theme for your shoot. Alternatively you could select something with scenic views. Either way, do what feels right to you. Make sure to work closely with your photographer on planning around light and weather to make sure you get the best result.

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Credit: Meganrunion Photography

Studio backgrounds

Your photographer might have unique backdrops you can use in studio for a maternity shoot. It’s all about deciding what speaks to you and tells your pregnancy story.

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Credit: Paige McKenzi Photography

Indoor simple maternity photoshoot

We love a bit of minimalist style when it comes to indoor simple maternity photoshoots. Warm woollen knits, light rugs and soft sheer materials all make for a very stylish setting where your bump is the hero.

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Maternity photos on the beach

Maternity photos on the beach can be a stunning way to capture the beauty and joy of your pregnancy. The vastness of the ocean and the soft, natural light of the beach create a peaceful and romantic atmosphere. You’ll probably find yourself more relaxed in this atmosphere too. It can be the most perfect place to highlight the bond between you and your baby.

Work with your photographer to choose a time of day with soft, diffused lighting, such as early morning or late afternoon, for the most flattering images. You can opt for a simple and natural look, with a flowing dress and minimal accessories, to let the beach itself be the main attraction. Or, add a pop of colour or texture with a swimsuit, towel or lace. You can even have your partner join you for some intimate and touching photos that showcase your love and anticipation for your new arrival.

Maternity photos on the beach are a beautiful way to preserve the joy and beauty of this special time in your life. With its calming and peaceful atmosphere, it makes the perfect backdrop to celebrate your growing family.

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Credit: Miranda Harper Photo

DIY pregnancy photos

Yes, you can definitely take your own maternity photos! A DIY home maternity photoshoot can be a wonderful way to capture this special time in your life and have fun with your partner while creating the moment. Consider incorporating flowers and using creative lighting setups to add a special touch to your photos. Enjoy taking selfies and timed photos together, while creating beautiful memories that you’ll treasure forever.

Best maternity photoshoot poses

When it comes to maternity photoshoot poses, it’s all about what feels natural and beautiful. There are plenty of options to choose from. One popular pose is to have dad bonding with the baby by placing his hand on your belly. You can experiment with different hand placement on your belly, such as cradling or holding it gently. You can also try different angles, like lying down, sitting, or standing, to showcase your bump in the best light. Don’t be afraid to try multiple poses and ask for feedback from your photographer or partner to find what works best for you.

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