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Mama in Conversation: Rebecca Brooke Taylor – Pregnancy struggles to powerful transformation


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Welcome to Mama in Conversation, where we join strong, stylish and inspiring mothers to discuss the trials and triumphs of pregnancy and motherhood. In this inaugural edition of Mama in Conversation, we sit down with Rebecca Brooke Taylor. Rebecca balances her roles as mother, creative director, photographer and mindset coach with power and force. Having recently moved to Bali with her three children and husband, she was creatively inspired by both her journey through motherhood and her new and serene environment to develop Empowered in Wellness, her transformative course for women and mothers. Join us for an intimate discussion about pregnancy, motherhood, confidence and how Rebecca maintains her style identity through a profound change. 

What’s been your proudest moment as a mama?

As a mother, my proudest moment was the experience of free birthing my daughter. Each and every day, my children continue to fill me with pride and reaffirm the joy of being their mama.

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Motherhood inevitably changes all of us. How has it changed you for the better? Which parts have you struggled with the most?

My motherhood experience has profoundly transformed me, leading me to a profound realization of my core values and what truly matters. As a result, I’ve become more dedicated to personal growth, driven by the awareness that I bear a tremendous responsibility for shaping my children’s early years. How I present myself to them today will undoubtedly influence the course of their entire lives.

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In terms of struggles – I’ve grappled with feelings of guilt in the past. Initially, it weighed on me when I contemplated leaving my children, but I also felt guilty for not pursuing my own desires. To overcome this, I came to realize that not pursuing my own passions could have a detrimental effect on them. I learned that it’s essential for us to strike a balance between spending quality time together and allowing ourselves moments of independence.

Describe your style during pregnancy. How has your style evolved throughout and/or since your pregnancy?

During pregnancy, my fashion mantra is all about prioritizing comfort. I gravitate towards clothing with stretch that gracefully accommodates the changes in my body. I also can’t resist the radiant “Rihanna bump” style. Moreover, I firmly believe in embracing the goddess within during pregnancy, which is why I adore wearing gowns that beautifully accentuate the baby bump.

My style is currently shifting towards a relaxed and effortlessly cool look, while still being breastfeeding-friendly. My go-to outfit these days typically involves a comfortable pair of trainers, breathable linen cargo pants, a simple singlet, and some sort of cap.

What was the best part of pregnancy?

The most rewarding aspect of pregnancy was the awareness that I was welcoming another precious soul into this world. I also cherished the opportunity it provided to prioritize my health and well-being. Naturally, I couldn’t resist capturing countless photos, and I found joy in both preparing for childbirth and the postpartum period.

What was the lowest point or biggest struggle during pregnancy? 

The most challenging moments in my experience were dealing with HG (hyperemesis gravidarum) during my first pregnancy, followed by the exhausting task of caring for toddlers while expecting another child.

What’s your go-to outfit for a confidence boost?

When I want to feel more confident, I just put on a pretty dress! It can make me feel a lot better with a little lippy too! 

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If you had to choose one mantra for self confidence, what would it be?

“I embrace my uniqueness and exude confidence as my authentic self.”

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What’s your best advice for first time moms? 

Have confidence in yourself. Your understanding of your children is unparalleled, and you possess innate wisdom about their needs. Trust your instincts and inner knowledge, and start from there. Additionally, prioritize self-care. By doing so, you’re setting an example for your kids about the importance of self-love and self-care.

You can follow Rebecca on Instagram at @rebeccabrooketaylor, find out more about ‘Empowered in Wellness’ here or view her beautiful photography work here

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