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First time mums share what they wish they knew about pregnancy style


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We may all be on a different pregnancy journey, but it’s always interesting to read what other mamas have to say. Call the advice reassuring or the reader just plain curious, the wisdom shared by others going through the process is important.

We spoke to a few first time mums who share what they wish they knew about pregnancy, maternity fashion, style, their bodies and more.

“I wish I’d been more prepared earlier in my pregnancy,” says Emma, 32. “I suffered from horrendous morning sickness from about 7 weeks until 16 weeks, which was unlike anything I could have imagined. During that time, not only did nothing fit properly, but all I wanted was to crawl into a little comfortable ball. In hindsight, I should have splurged on some loungewear and looser clothing. I was constantly unbuttoning my jeans as the tightness made the nausea worse.”

“Shirts. Shirts. More shirts. I lived in silk shirts for work during my pregnancy, then during COVID lockdown swapped for comfortable linen shirts – I wore short sleeved pajama shirts which were cool and comfortable. Postpartum, I couldn’t live without my cotton or linen shirts or maybe a button down top. They make it easier to feed in public plus when I was wearing him I could undo the buttons for skin to skin contact.Jennifer, 35.

“More black and darker colours,” Marni, 38 says, “I did a couple of bulk shops during my pregnancy, which I thought was so smart. I bought some light coloured stuff along with the leggings for postpartum. I don’t know why I bothered! My toddler has made sure everything has at least one food stain down the front of it.”

“Invest in recovery shorts. I recommend SRC Recovery Shorts. People will say you don’t need them, your body heals itself etc. But I felt like I needed the support and I still wear them now.” Rachel, 36.

I would have made more of an effort to dress better, to take more photos of me and my bump, do a nice photoshoot.” Mel, 30

“I stubbornly wore my regular wardrobe to the point it was incredibly tight and uncomfortable. I was just so disillusioned by traditional maternity fashion and didn’t want to spend too much. I also didn’t want to have to size up, which in hindsight is ridiculous.” Amanda, 39

“Remind myself every day that body changes are AMAZING. They aren’t to be feared!” Sharon, 41 says. “You are growing a human. Sure, there are days you wake up and feel like crap. But to stick with it, make yourself feel better and enjoy the journey is a show of strength. We aren’t in the 50s anymore, we can celebrate our bump. I realised that about 6 months in, and celebrated my bump so much more. Women are truly amazing.”

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