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Fourth trimester top for mamas to be

A stylist’s guide to dressing for your fourth trimester

Congratulations, you made it to the 4th trimester! You’ve done the hard part, so why does this trimester feel so tricky? Just like pregnancy, the postpartum phase is an emotional roller coaster made even trickier by the fact that you’re now caring for a tiny human. Adding to that, you now have to deal with leaky boobs, sleep deprivation and returning to work. A mother’s job never ends!

Even though you’re not pregnant anymore, chances are you probably don’t feel entirely like yourself. Perhaps you’re having a hard time navigating your new responsibilities or making time for your old routines – we miss Sunday brunch too! With all the new responsibilities and changes the last thing you should have to worry about is dressing for your (still adjusting) body. Sure, you’ve experienced body transformation during pregnancy, but postpartum is its own transitional period. Your body might still look different than it did pre-pregnancy and it might take awhile for things to adjust back to “normal.” 

This should be a time to celebrate your body and all it’s accomplished! It might seem impossible, but you can balance your new responsibilities with your old desires to look cute and feel sexy! And luckily, there are plenty of options that will help you look and feel good postpartum, without sacrificing comfort or style. Why should you have to choose?!

The ultimate before, during and after legging 

Hatch’s legging is a best seller for a reason; the high quality makes it easy to dress up or down and the fabric is C-section friendly with a soft wear that’s perfect for recovery. Wear it for a walk with your babe, or throw on an oversized button down and blazer to meet some friends. You’ll wear them well after your pregnancy, just as the name suggests.

The Ultimate Before, During And After Legging Chestnut Houndstooth
Credit: Hatch

The Ultimate Before, During And After Legging Chestnut Houndstooth

The go-to button down Shirt

This is a classic wardrobe item for a reason. The notched hem is designed to flatter your shape as it changes and the crispness of the white cotton will guarantee an effortless, pulled together look even if you feel anything but. Wear it to work, to run errands or out to dinner – the options are endless!

Martha Textured Button-Down Shirt - Black
Credit: Apero Label

Martha Textured Button-Down Shirt – Black

The on-the-go nursing jumpsuit

If you need to look put together without sacrificing comfort, look no further than this jumpsuit. The fabric is a luxe cotton jersey with stretch, providing softness while looking chic, and the design includes flattering details like side ruching and a wide leg. An added bonus? It’s easy to nurse and/or pump in, thanks to a top that lifts. Wear it with sandals and a jacket or dress it up with heels and some jewelry for a nighttime look.

Flex Fit Wrap Jumpsuit Midnight
Credit: Storq

Flex Fit Wrap Jumpsuit Midnight

The fancier knit nursing dress

The girls are dying to see you and have agreed to meet for lunch near you to meet the little one.  Here’s the perfect outfit for the situation at hand. You’ll feel great and you’ll be able to feed with ease.

Marguerite Snap-Front Knit Midi Dress - Blue / White / Beige Stripe
Credit: Apero Label

Marguerite Snap-Front Knit Midi Dress – Blue / White / Beige Stripe

The oversized blazer

A blazer should be a part of every woman’s wardrobe, and this one will have a place in your closet well after your postpartum journey. The double breasted design is both timeless and flattering especially as your body shifts post-pregnancy. This will work just as well as you return to work as it will with leggings and boots on the weekends.

The Oversized Blazer Grey Herringbone
Credit: Everlane

The Oversized Blazer Grey Herringbone

The soft everyday nursing dress

A dress might seem like too much work at this point, but this dress proves otherwise. The fabric is super soft and cozy while the shape is functional, providing easy access for nursing and pumping. Wear it for unexpected visitors, a fun outing, or to work. It’s a versatile, no-brainer that will make getting dressed so much easier.

Ribbed Maternity Tank Dress With Nursing Access Trench Coat
Credit: Boob Design

Ribbed Maternity Tank Dress With Nursing Access Trench Coat

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