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How to recreate celebrity maternity style


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Why imitate celebrity style? We all have our style icons; the sartorial north stars who guide our wardrobe decisions in everyday life. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to stop dressing like your favorite muse. In fact, retaining your personal style when pregnant is important to helping you feel like yourself during such a transitional time.

Still, styling a look and even being motivated to wear anything other than oversized sweats can be a challenge during pregnancy. We’ve put together a few of our favorite celebrity maternity looks and how to recreate them to give you some inspiration.

How to recreate a celebrity look

Whether your muse is a royal in formal wear or a chic, off duty model, we have inspiration for every momma to be.

Casual comfort by J.Law

Casual comfort by jlaw

The Oscar winning actress (in a photo courtesy of British Vogue) has delivered no shortage of red carpet worthy looks, but her pregnancy style was a mix of high fashion glam and effortless natural beauty. We love this onesie look, which is both comfy and cute. Perfect for a pregnancy during any season!

How to get the look:

Try pairing a printed overall, like this striped version from Mango, with a long sleeve white tee. Or opt for a solid overall paired with a black or bright colored tee. Pair with a fisherman sandal to get the full look. You can search more overalls here!

Boho chic

Chrissy teigen and emma roberts boho style 1

There’s something about the natural ease of boho style that makes it perfect for pregnancy. Even if your normal style isn’t as loose, you may appreciate the flowy fabrics and silhouettes more while your belly grows. Emma Roberts and Chrissy Teigen show two different ways to pull off the look. The best part is, you don’t necessarily have to buy a maternity dress to achieve this aesthetic. 

How to get the look:

Many brands offer dresses with room to grow that are still suitable postpartum. Look for a style that provides enough room around the waistline, but offers flattering details such as a smocked bust, open neckline or high collar.

Monochromatic glam

Rosie huntington whiteley monochrome glam 1

Dressing in one color head-to-toe is one of the chicest ways to dress and it’s no surprise that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley adopted this trick while pregnant. Monochrome looks are easy, chic and instantly slimming, which is perfect for pregnancy. If you want to look easily put together (even if you feel exhausted) pick one color from head to toe.

How to get the look:

Opt for a slim cut dress, such as a long sleeve maxi or a slip dress, and pair it with a cardigan in a similar shade, such as an open cardigan or a belted one. Accessorize with boots or heels in the same color.

Classic separates

Emma roberts and leia Sfez classic separates

Just because you’re pregnant, it doesn’t mean you have to give up trusted pieces like denim and sweaters. In fact, investing in high quality staples that you can use after your pregnancy will help you avoid spending money on things that feel too trendy.

Two looks come from actress Emma Roberts and model Leia Sfez who paired classic staples, such as knitwear, outerwear and denim, with equally classic accessories including riding boots and loafers. Do yourself a favor and pick a few high quality basics that you’ll wear throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

How to get the look:

Look for classic cuts in high quality fabrics, such as a cashmere cable knit or a turtleneck, and wear with simple bottoms, such as vintage style straight jeans or black leggings. Finish the look with timeless pieces like a camel coat and loafers.

Babydoll dress

Helena glazer hodne babydoll dress

When the word “baby” is in the title, chances are it’s good for pregnancy! The babydoll dress is a retro style look that works well for expecting moms. The high waistline accentuates but leaves room for your bump, and the short hemline shows off your legs, drawing attention somewhere other than your belly.

Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby made this style famous in the 60s but Helena Glazer Hodne aka The Brooklyn Blonde proves it works just as well today.

How to get the look:

Crisp, cotton fabrics are a great option for this classic style. Try with sleeves, puff sleeves or no sleeves at all. Pair with flat sandals in black, cream or brown, a ladylike bag and you’re ready to go!

Matching sets

Gabrielle cauensil matching sets

Want to look chic but remain comfy during pregnancy? A matching set is the solution. Sets provide an easy head-to-toe answer for what to wear, the single color looks chic (again, monochrome), and many sets are often made of comfy knit materials. A win, win! Plus sets offer versatility; you can obviously wear them together or wear them as separates with other pieces in your wardrobe, for maximum use.

Gabrielle Cauensil rocks a sleek but comfy long sleeve knit set, perfect for cooler months.

How to get the look:

In the warmer months, try a casual shorts set with sandals or sneakers. In the cooler months, opt for a long sleeve top with matching pants set that you can dress down with ballet flats or dress up with heels.

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