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These celebrity-approved prams and strollers are worth every penny


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Strollers and prams can very well be the most expensive item you purchase during pregnancy. Whether you’re upgrading your current stroller, getting ready for your first baby or preparing for twins, choosing the right one can be a challenge. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered when it comes to choosing from the best baby prams.

When choosing a pram or stroller, consider factors like comfort, price vs value, versatility, and safety. As well as stylish, they need to be incredibly functional and able to last the distance. A good stroller should be easy to push, have a comfortable seat, and proper restraints. And don’t forget, durability and brand reputations matter too. So check out the reviews we’ve collected for you below. 

So, which one is right for you? Let’s take a look at the best baby prams available as reviewed by real customers. 

What to look out for when choosing a pram or stroller?

When choosing the best baby pram for your little one, you should factor in the following. 


Comfort is a crucial component of a stroller, for both your baby and of course, yourself. A decent stroller will be easy to push, won’t hurt your arms and ensure that the seat leans back at a comfortable angle. 

Price vs Value

Expensive strollers come with fancy features like super smooth suspension systems, fancy fabrics, and flippable seats. But before you shell out the big bucks, make sure you’re actually getting good value for your money.


Safety is key when it comes to strollers. The best baby prams have proper restraints to keep your little one snug and secure. A five-point harness with waist, crotch, and shoulder straps is the way to go for the ultimate peace of mind.


You want a stroller that can grow with your baby and handle their older siblings too. 

Customer reviews

Brand reputation and customer reviews are also important factors to consider.

Check out the best 8 baby prams for 2023

Best all rounder baby pram

The steering on this pram is smooth and responsive. Because of the large wheels, it pushes easily and feels stable although it has been reviewed as a little wide. The stroller performs really well on grass, gravel, and pavement and has good storage undercarriage.

mama style best prams uppababy vista v2 1

Credit: UppaBaby 

UppaBaby Vista V2
Buy the UppaBaby Vista V2


  • Suitable for newborns
  • Converts to a double stroller suitable for twins
  • Great quality and easy to clean


  • Rumble seat has mixed reviews
  • Slightly on the heavier side
  • A little pricier than others

Best single baby pram

Easily fits into car trunks. It lacks some of the bells and whistles of larger prams, but it compensates with ease of use, weight, ease of fold and manoeuvrability, which is important if you’re in a store or shop and need a tight turning circle. 

mama style best prams babyzenyoyo

Credit: BabyZen 

BabyZen YOYO2
Buy the BabyZen YOYO2


  • A shoulder strap for convenient transport
  • Perfect for plane travel
  • Folds with one hand


  • The single bar handle cannot be moved to different positions
  • Travelling off-road is difficult
  • Lots of items to be purchased separately

Best value for money baby pram

The stroller is lightweight, compact when folded, and simple to assemble and disassemble. It is also a good size for the person pushing it, regardless of height. This one comes highly rated for its maneouverability.

mama style best prams edwards co

Credit: EdwardsAndCo

Edwards and Co Oscar M2
Buy the Edwards and Co


  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Lightweight
  • Value for money


  • The canopy doesn’t provide much protection
  • The basket size is quite small
  • Need to buy more accessories separately

Best travel stroller

People like the lay-flat feature and the expansive sun canopy of the pram. The combination of large back wheels and medium front wheels makes manoeuvring the pram on rough or cobbled roads effortless. It also features a spacious basket and a piggy-back board for carrying a second child. The seat can be positioned facing either forwards or backwards, offering versatility. The most remarkable feature is its ability to be used on stairs, thanks to its two wheels.

mama style best pram cybex priam

Credit: @Cybex Priam

Cybex Priam
Buy the Cybex Priam


  • Multipurpose Travel System
  • A reversible seat is prepared
  • Nice wide canopy


  • Bit on the heavy side
  • Pricier than others
  • Some people aren’t happy with the sun canopy

Best stroller for running

Very simple to manoeuvre. A large bassinet is ideal for bigger babies. Tall parents will appreciate the long push bar extension. It could take it took some time to figure out how to fold. Very strong, but can be difficult to handle for some.

mama style best prams joolz day

Credit: Joolz

Joolz Day +
Buy the Joolz Day +


  • Very comfortable seats
  • Folds with seat attached
  • Excellent handling on different terrains


  • Pricey
  • Relatively bulky
  • Harder to clean due to lining

Best all-terrain stroller

Known for its versatility and ease of use, the Bugaboo Fox 3 stroller is the replacement of the discontinued Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus that we absolutely loved. It includes all of the practical features parents have come to expect, including a stuning ergonomic design as well as more styling options and a redesigned underseat basket for easier access.

PV004029 black greymelange forestgreen bassinet and seat 2

Credit: Bugaboo

Bugaboo Fox 3 bassinet and seat stroller
Buy the Bugaboo Fox 3


  • Light to push
  • Secure harness
  • Adapts well to different surfaces


  • Lower weight limit than other strollers
  • Replacement parts are expensive
  • Awkward brake

Most stylish pram

Ultra stylish and eye catching design. The bag is quite small however some parents got extra hooks for under the frame to hang shopping bags if needed. It is easily foldable and adjustable, and all of the fabric comes off for washing, which is ideal for small babies who have little “accidents”.

mama style best prams stokke xplory

Credit: Stokke

Stokke® Xplory® X
Buy the Stokke® Xplory® X


  • Amazingly adaptable hood
  • The bucket-style seat is extremely comfortable
  • Adjustable seat height


  • Small basket
  • Rain cover and net not included in price
  • Bulky fold

Most recommended double pram

The Silver Cross Wave pram is beautifully designed and looks amazing but some reviewers have commented on how bulky and clunky it is. It’s highly rated for convertibility.

mama style silver cross wave 2023

Credit: Silver Cross

Silver Cross Wave Pram
Buy the Silver Cross Wave Pram


  • Quick and simple conversion from single to double
  • Excellent luxury appearance
  • Suitable from birth


  • When folded, the Wave takes up a lot of space
  • Pricey, but lots of inclusions
  • It is also quite heavy. In single mode, it weighs 36 lbs, compared to Vista’s 26 lbs.

More FAQs about prams

Are strollers for running safe?

All kids who have strong enough neck and upper body muscles can ride in jogger strollers without any problems. With a baby between the ages of 8 and 12 months, it’s  advised to only run on smooth terrain.

Which pram brand is best?

We think the list above is pretty darn good. If you’re looking for the best brand pram, you can check out the brands mentioned in this blog.

What is the difference between a pram and stroller?

Although the terms “pram” and “stroller” are frequently used interchangeably, they refer to two distinct types of baby transportation devices. A pram is a large, bulky device designed for newborns that is used to transport babies who are unable to sit up on their own. A stroller, on the other hand, is a more lightweight and compact device that can be used to transport infants and toddlers who can already sit up.

What age do you go from pram to stroller?

Babies typically outgrow their prams and are ready to transition to a stroller by 6 months of age or earlier, when their neck muscles are strong enough to support the weight of their head. Parents who want to transition their child to a stroller sooner can do so by using a bassinet attachment, a car seat attachment, or a fully reclining seat.

What age do you stop using a stroller?

Strollers are ideal for infants and toddlers, but many parents phase them out by the age three. Most children can walk on their own by this age and no longer require a stroller for transport. That being said, they are still great on longer walking trips especially if you have a tired kiddo. And as always, everyone is different so you know what’s best for you. 

Are prams allowed on planes?

Yes, some travel strollers are allowed on aeroplanes if they meet certain size and weight requirements. These strollers must be compact enough to fit in overhead bins or under the seat in front of you.

How many weeks pregnant should you buy a pram?

Ideally you should get a stroller between 31 and 35 weeks of pregnancy. Give yourself time to get familiar with it before the baby arrives and makes sure you have everything you need when your little one is ready for their first trip!

What are some of the most functional pram accessories you can get?

A pram’s functionality and comfort can be improved with a variety of accessories. Shade canopies, insect protection netts, rain covers, and transport bags are some of the most popular options.

What prams do celebrities have?

Versace Kids Barocco-Print Stroller

Stokke Xplory X Stroller 

Silver Cross Wave Pushchair

Bugaboo Fox 2

Finding the ideal pram or stroller for your child can be a fun and exciting experience. With so many options available, it can be confusing at times. However, with a little research and thought, you can make a decision that will provide comfort, convenience, and joy for both you and your child. Consider your lifestyle, budget, and child’s age when purchasing a pram or stroller. Consider the features that are most important to you, such as manoeuvrability, storage, adjustable seats, and safety features.

Take your time comparing different models, reading reviews, and seeking advice from other parents. You’ll find that going in with a clear understanding of what you’re looking for will make the process of selecting the right pram or stroller much more manageable and enjoyable. Remember that your pram or stroller will be with you for many years, so make an informed decision. Don’t be afraid to invest in quality, comfort, and safety, as these factors will make or break your parenting experience.

So go ahead and select the best baby pram or stroller that offers you and your child the ideal combination of style, comfort, and functionality. Have fun shopping!

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